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Zion Fan Paul’s History Record History History Highly Efficient Field 20+ By Barbar

On December 8th, Beijing time, the New Orleans Pelicans played against Detroit Pistons at home. In this game, Zion Williamson performed well and led the team to defeat the opponent 104-98.

In this campaign, Zion fought for 33 minutes, scored 29 points in 11 of 16 shots, plus 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

Statistics show that this is the sixth time in Zion’s career to score at least 25 points+10 rebounds+5 assists, tied Chris Paul’s fourth place in the history of the team.

The average contribution of Xian’an this season was 23.6 points, and the shooting rate was 59.1%. He became the third player in history after Saraquil O’Neal and Jabal, in history, which can hold more than 55%.Essence

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  1. Zion … Quasi -Super Giant Candidates

  2. This is career 20, 55

  3. Reply
    Uliyanvpost-90sNemo_Snoman 12月 9, 2022 at 2:41 上午

    career, not this season

  4. This is a bit arbitrary.Very stable.

  5. A large forward and a point guards 10 rebounds?Look at Paul 20 points and 10 assists 5 rebounds

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