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Zhou Ruiyang: Please give Ke Jie more understanding Ding Hao is also a college student

The article comes from the public account: Yi Xing World

The world’s chess world in November can be described as ups and downs. First, the Korean chess player won the semi -finals in the Samsung Cup to make Chinese hate, and the Chinese chess player at the LG Cup to the bottom of the final. Such the plot is really bloody! At the time of China and South Korea ’s hegemony, Yixing World’ s ‘questioned and answers’ columns were invited to the next world’ s crown -Zhou Ruiyang nine sections. Friends are concerned about the topics of world competitions, learning chess secrets, and other topics.

The event began on time at 7:30 on November 16th. It may be too nervous when “skydiving and airborne”. Teacher Yang’s breathing sound was still a little shy …

Part 1

Highlight Xiao Shen! Ding Ye mighty!

The top flow that the chess fans are most concerned about is Yang Dingxin’s victory over Xiao Shen’s LG Cup semi -final. Ding Ye ended the 24 -game winning streak of the Chinese players in the World Championship! Let the long -lasting chess fans raised their brows for a while!

Part 2

About a spicy man

When it comes to the current Chinese Go, that man cannot go around. Facing the strong questioning of netizens, Teacher Rui Yang did not choose to avoid it, but analyzed the reason why the man’s recent record fluctuated, and persuaded all chess friends to maintain emotional stability.

Part 3

Learn the secrets of chess

Teacher Yang began to learn chess at the age of seven. At the age of 13, he participated in the Aien League. He was a representative chess player of the Chinese “Leopard” in the 200 and 10 years. Although Teacher Yang is now a “veteran”, he is still active in the front line and has maintained a good competitive state. So what are the “Changqi cheats” from the process of chess from elementary school?

Part 4

How to face a trough

Professional chess men have experienced countless success and failure. To win, they must adjust their status at any time. In the past twenty years of the chess world, how can Teacher Sheep adjust the state and fight for the face of setbacks and difficulties? Faced with the enthusiastic questions of chess friends, Mr. Yang knew that he had taught his feelings and experience.

Part 5

The road to Go needs “simply like”

Because of the epidemic, many games, especially international competitions, have been changed online. Is there any difference in professional chess players for professional chess players? Nowadays, the appearance of AI has made many people learn chess easily. This life path of learning chess has become more “rolled”. In this regard, as the top teacher Ruiyang, the professional teacher of these rushing sections “What do you want to say?

The end

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    User7555069761AutumnLeaf 11月 24, 2022 at 5:52 上午

    It means that Ko Ke is welcome to hold the ball together to warm up.

  2. The 4th crown in 1991, the level of the time is 11, the grade of the Jiajiayu is 12, the Jiang Weijie level is divided into 13, Zhou Ruiyang level is divided into 39. Zhou Ruiyang is not qualified to say this.

  3. The latest level ranking, 4th crown in 1991, the time of the time is 11, the grade of Jian Jiayu is 12, the Jiang Weijie level is 13, Zhou Ruiyang level is 39.The suspicion of getting rid of themselves

  4. Joking is a pit, digging is also a joke

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    GeneralShengShengalsocomes 11月 24, 2022 at 5:52 上午

    Chess friends should strictly ask themselves why they did not win the Go champion in the region.

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    Blueandwhiteporcelain26314 11月 24, 2022 at 5:52 上午

    Zhou Qi is a person who is playing with a paste

  7. comforting people who are retreating or playing badly!

  8. I am ruthless and the two rabbits, the truth is also the truth

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