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Zhiye Tiger Wan celebrities interview (Part 1): Camping at 4 o’clock to get up at 3 o’clock to practice chess

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Original Title: Zhi Ye Hu Wan celebrities, 気 も も な な な い い ‘‘ は は ロ ン グ イ ン タビュ ー

Excerpt from: Asahi Shimbun

Author: Dacong Gong 2nd

Translation and finishing: For the excuse, Quiet this month over the last few days

The 47th celebrity battle seven chess chess. After 7 innings, Zhi Ye Tiger Wan became a new celebrity. What is the motivation to defeat the “Qifan Chess Ghost”. The tiger on the chessboard quietly talked about the effort and growth behind the interview, as well as his strong outlook on Go.

——The now do you think he is already a celebrity.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: No one at all. After many people called me “celebrities”, I reacted that I was already a celebrity. Because I have been with the “nine paragraphs” for a while, I have not been used to it.

——In a little embarrassed.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: There is such a thing.

——Whi remembered what he looked like when he became the first celebrity less than 20 years old three years ago.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: That time was the first time to challenge the seven major events for me, and it was the first time to get the title. After getting the title, the whole person was very busy, and then life changed more or less. This has changed more or less. This has changed more or less. I still remember it very clearly. There are many jobs and activities other than the game, which is really busy. If this is the same this time, I can really think of things three years ago, but this time has not yet affected the entire life.

——The is more depressed for you who like to stay at home.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: It is not completely depressed, because many things are usually not touched. Although these are tired, since they do it, they are happy to do it.

——It’s interview after you recapture celebrities in the 7th inning, mentioning this time the seven chess “inexplicable confidence”.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I am usually full of confidence, but this time I have an unprecedented self -confidence. From April, the results have become better and better, and the state has been adjusted to the best time when Qifanqi just opened.

—— Even if the opponent is Jingshan Yutai, do you think there is a chance?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Objectively speaking, I may be slightly unfavorable, but I don’t care about these things, I always face confidence. I used to do this before. Even if the winning rate is only 30%, I will have a 30%win rate of winning rate. Never care about this game who may win.

——Fing Jing Shan Yu Tai, you challenged the challenge in the previous year’s Binyin Fang, and then took the celebrity title by Jingshan Yutai backhand. Last year, the challenge of Benyin was still unsuccessful, and then the title of the last city was taken away by Yushan Yutai. It can be seen that this time was beaten by Yushan Yutai.

Zhiye Tiger Pills: I have been losing chess, but at least I have not been swept away. I have not won in other events, so I did n’t feel a bitter consciousness for Jing Shanyu.

This year’s celebrity war is the first and last title battle for me. Instead of saying that I want to get the title, I have not felt lonely for a long time. This time is my long -lost title battle, so I have to be stronger in mentality. It is completely different from the general atmosphere of the general game. The stage where both sides want to win chess are in the game, which is a very happy thing.

——What is the reason for the recovery from April?

Zhiye Tiger Wan: The results in March are too bad, so the amount of learning is increased. It is stipulated that you have to complete these indicators every day, and then insist on completing it every day. Do 50 dead questions every day, and 3 chess players under AI. Even on the first morning of the 7th inning and the night after the end of the next day, I completed these indicators. Sometimes camping spent the night outside. At 4 o’clock that day, I got up at 3 o’clock to practice chess. Even if I am busy, I have to spend an hour to practice chess, which is better than not practicing.

——I heard that you have opened a new situation by learning AI.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: To be honest, I do n’t use AI to learn chess at home, but if I want to learn chess with AI, I start to start with the layout I am not good at. So every time the game is over, I use AI to restore the disk from the layout to the middle. My chess style itself is a fascinating method that is easy to fall behind, and I often do this with AI.

When I re -inventory, I was often criticized by AI to dive, but sometimes I gave me some good changes. I felt that even if the real empty was slightly worse, the situation of this game was actually not bad.

——This seven chess this time, I also think it is different from your past law.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: Jing Shanyu likes to start emptying, and even if I am empty, I want to take it slowly. Previously, Qifan Qifan, and I was often pulled away in the layout stage and judgment. But this time I played chess with confidence.

——Sele the stability in the place where you can fight. After losing the first set, some people criticize you to say “too tolerable.” But since the second inning, you have maintained this combat method.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I also heard this sound. It was because the subsequent judgment error caused the final chess, not because it was very thick. But I won’t change my own law because I lose that game. From the perspective of AI, even if the situation is worse, it can be found slowly, which is one of them. Also, I have read a China report, saying that it is more or less effective to “don’t provoke fighting” in Jingshan Yu. ——But in the 7th inning, as if you do yourself back, you have launched a fierce attack on Dalong from the layout stage.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In fact, the change has not intended to change. During the layout stage, Jingshan Yutai was deeply in White, and I felt that if it was not severely attacked, it would be pulled away. Finally, after being easily escaped, the situation was unfavorable, and then I could only eat Dalong.

——The strength is too great. I didn’t want to pull the knife at all, but once the knife was bright, it was alarm. Don’t give the opponent at all.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: In the past, my chess was said to be “disgusting”, and I felt that everyone thought that I was quite happy, because the opponent felt that I was not easy to deal with. In the past, I liked to eat opponents Dalong, and also liked to fight against attack. But now after learning to take myself thicker, I have gained a good result, which has made me confident a lot.

——The players like to make the previous chess “play a role” or “responsibility”, and pay more attention to the direction of the chess game, but I feel that Zhiye Tiger Wan is not stubborn.

Zhiye Tiger Wan: I think my style is still rare. It may be a relatively mechanical method, or there is no feelings for each chess piece. Instead of letting the previous chess pieces play a role, I still think about the current situation after I want to realize the mistake. Although it is said that there is no coherence, there is no way to fail.

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