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Zheng Qinwen wasted 3 inventory of the injury after the first inventory and the first set of wounds, Vittova promoted to advance


Zheng Qinwen missed a good situation and lost the first set of regrets to be hurt after the first set.

On January 11, Beijing time, the WTA500 Adelaide continued to start the second round of the women’s singles in 2023.Chinese player Zheng Qinwen missed the advantage after he lost one plate with 6 (6) -7, and he chose to retire during the rest.

In the first game, Zheng Qinwen missed his two servers in the case of breaking the Kovitova’s serve twice.Seven innings lost five points in a row of 6-3, and finally lost one set with 6 (6) -7.During the rest of the plate, Zheng Qinwen called the nursing staff to enter the venue and chose to retire after simply communicating.

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  1. Compared to the bottom line of the bottom line when playing Aza, the mission of the warm -up match has been reached. I hope that AO can draw a good sign

  2. It is also good.Affected by the thighs, the goal posture looked awkward, and the goal rate also decreased seriously. For a few days, I saw it in Australia

  3. should be retreated, see Australia!

  4. Tactical injuries are very good, pretty good, charge the Australian Open, come on, Xiao Zheng, the people of the whole country support you

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