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Zhao Xintong Zhang Health was banned!Chinese player missed the Snooker Masters

On January 3, Beijing time, when the first battle of the New Year in 2023, WPBSA issued a fine: Chinese player Zhao Xintong and Zhang Health were suspended to participate in the World Snooker Tour (WST)!At this point, 10 Chinese players have been banned.

Before October 27, 2022, the third game of the Snooker England Open Qualifications, Liang Wenbo began a temporary suspension of the game. No one expected that the Chinese player fake ball kick kicked off.At that time, the official did not announce the reasons for Liang Wenbo.

Until December 9, 2022, WPBSA officially issued a statement again, deciding to suspend the suspension of Luning, Li Xing, Zhao Jianbo, Bai Langning and Chang Bingyu to participate in the World Snooker Tour, this decision will take effect immediately.This time, the official finally announced the reason for the six -person forbidden game -violations of the WPBSA behavior regulations, and manipulating the results of the game with betting.

Immediately after December 12th, WPBSA announced again that Yan Bingtao, which was played in the first day of the English Open, which should have started on the day of the day, for the same reason.

On December 23, just the last week of the New Year, WPBSA released the third ticket: immediately suspend the qualifications of Chinese player Chen Zifan to participate in the World Snooker Tour (WST).At this point, eight Chinese players involved in the case have been banned.


WPBSA official announcement original text

However, at the beginning of the New Year, the first competition in 2023, the Champions League (Invitational Edition). In the start of the battle on the third group of the competition, WPBSA also released the fourth penalty of the Liang Wenbo case: WPBSA Chairman Jason Ferguson decided to suspend the pauseZhao Xintong and Zhang Jiankang participated in the World Snooker Tour, and this decision immediately took effect.

The reasons for the two for the two people are the same as eight people including Liang Wenbo, and the suspension period continues until the end of the investigation or any allegations that may be proposed or not proposed in the future.Zhao Xintong and Zhang Health also have the right to appeal to this.Officials will not make further comments before further major progress.


2023 The first round of the Snooker Masters against the situation

In this way, there will be no Chinese players in the Snooker Masters this year.Iranian Hussein-Wafi or replaced Zhao Xintong to play, but still needs to be officially confirmed.

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    MarineDefenseWarrior1986 1月 5, 2023 at 2:13 上午

    This group of children is not going to school. When I was young, I was full of Snooker. I was not small after coming out of the Snooker College. I was going to live.It started to break

  2. money, money, money, and money, we can see what is the first in the hearts of the Chinese people.

  3. These kids are too young, and have no experience in committing the crime, leaving evidence for the Taiwan Federation

  4. Conspiracy!

  5. Reply
    User6208961582||users6208961582 1月 5, 2023 at 2:13 上午

    The evidence is conclusive, brother.All Chinese players have been collected, and WeChat recovers it. It is clear that others have not been used by mobile phones now, and the victims are miserable

  6. Should be severely punished.

  7. Do you know how to play fake balls?For example, a Chinese player played like this. He bet on the Internet in this game with a score of 1 to 4. As a professional player at the same level as his opponent, the possibility of winning the next game in a game is basically basically basically.It can be guaranteed that as long as you can win the next game, I believe that the fools are done in 4 games. For this Chinese player, the difficulty of winning the entire game is less.Winning the difficulty in the next game.

  8. Where we go, we do n’t leave the armor ~~~ The heritage of thousands of years is not a trick to play

  9. With so many people, it should not be a personal behavior. It is a gang to commit crimes

  10. If the Taiwan Union does not have the true iron certificate, it will not make things so big.Moreover, now the 10 people have not heard of one who argued for themselves, and the iron needs to be hard. It needs to be hard for themselves.

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