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Zhao Jiwei: Some people are not worthy of being respected. I will not apologize

Beijing time on January 5th, in the 22nd round of the CBA regular season last night, Liaoning defeated the Fujian team 104-87.

Liaoning team defender Zhao Jiwei in the game caused a technical foul because of questioning the referee. In the third quarter, Zhao Jiwei retreated to hit a three -pointer, but he suddenly turned to a referee and pointed at the referee’s “output” emotion.Excited, the referee immediately punished him with technical fouls.

In the first meeting of Zhao Jiwei’s three -pointer, he was stealed by the Fujian star Zeng Pingyi when he was driving for the dribble. Zhao Jiwei fell to the ground with a buttocks. The referee did not express it.

After the game, Zhao Jiwei updated Weibo and wrote: “Some things*! Some people are not worthy of respect. I know what you think and what you are doing ?? Today I will not apologize for my behavior!!! AndYou need, ‘You “need!”

Zhao Jiwei subsequently deleted Weibo, but could not exclude the CBA league’s additional punishment for him.

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  1. The CBA referee caused a lot of controversy. This is normal, but as athletes, the referee should do it, but some athletes think that some status in the league will swell and do not know who they are.Knowing what you are doing, you are a basketball player, your professional use technical rules to complete the task given you to you by the coach, not to do things that have nothing to do with this. You have to maintain the opportunity provided by this platform. You have left this platform.Nothing, cherish it!

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    Walkingontheedgeofthefloatingcloud 1月 5, 2023 at 2:21 上午

    What do you really think of yourself?This is the face of the Liaoning team!

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    Hongyuandynasty1357038035 1月 5, 2023 at 2:21 上午

    The referee has no level and the law enforcement. Yao Ming has no power.

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    HongyuanDynastydynasty1357038035 1月 5, 2023 at 2:21 上午

    What else will the league besides chasing the player “money”?

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