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Zhang Zhenlin 24+14 Ferg 38 points in Liaoning overtime defeated Jilin

On January 2nd, Beijing time, in the 21st round of the CBA regular season, the Liaoning team defeated Jilin by 112-108 in overtime.

Liaoning team: Zhang Zhenlin 24 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists, Kyle Fogg 38 points and 9 assists, Zhao Jiwei 6 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, 13 points in Fuhao, Jakar Sampson 11 points, and 10 points.

Jilin team: Jones 19 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists, Jiang Weize 25 points, Jiang Yuxing 21 points, Cui Jinming 14 points, Ding Haoran 10 points, 10 points on behalf of Huaibo.

In this campaign, the core of the Liaoning team Guo Ailun was absent. The Jilin team was active in the first two quarters. It was 57-42 ahead of Liaoning 15 points in half.If you fight again, the Liaoning team gradually finds the feeling on the offensive end. Zhao Jiwei and Fog Ge continuously scored points. In the three quarters, Liaoning chased 8 points.

In the last quarter, the two teams played the playoffs’ defensive steals. At 4 minutes and 26 seconds, the Liaoning team finally tied the score of 84-84.Sampson violated Cui Jinming, veteran Zhong Cheng also hit three points, and the Jilin team took the initiative again.

At the critical moment, Zhang Zhenlin hit a three -pointer, and then Jiang Yuxing’s mistake was forced to be violated against Ford’s foul. The situation was instantly reversed. There were 40 seconds left. The Liaoning team led 3 points.In the last 2 seconds, Jiang Weize received a three-pointer of Zhong Cheng’s assists, and the two teams 98-98 entered the overtime.

In the overtime, the two teams played three times in three times. Ferg entered the net to help Liaoning lead 3 points in the last 40 seconds.The Jilin team can only adopt a foul tactics. Although Jiang Weize made a three-pointer, the hand was stabilized by 2 penalties. In the end, the Liaoning team won the Jilin team 112-108 in overtime.

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  1. The referee is Liao Mi, you are jealous!

  2. Because I finally won Jilin in Liao!

  3. Fog Ge has a free throw alone, the Jilin team has a free throw of the team, and the referee began to kill again!

  4. Can you win Guangdong

  5. Jilin facing the strong team, it is always disappointing!

  6. Liaoning team cow, real cow, hoping to win the championship, pour the Guangdong team, let them taste the power of northerners.

  7. Wrong, it is Huludao defender. Thank you for helping Liaoning to propagate

  8. Seeing that you are too funny for a wall -breaking basketball BBCC all day. You are all fans and I will not talk about the ball.As a Liaoning people, I am very grateful to someone to publicize the place names of Liaoning Province. For example, the propaganda tile shop selling the tile axis, I have seen the Tieling of Benshan sketches, and I hope that Liaoning fans are so important.It ’s not good for him to thank him in Jinzhou, Liaoning!

  9. The family is the guardian of the Tieling, and the natural natives

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