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Zhang Yuan: Thank you fans to never give up the hope that the epidemic will be better after the epidemic will be

On December 30, the 34th round of the 2022 Super League played the first game, and the Shenzhen team lost to Shanghai Shenhua team 0-2.After the game, the Shenzhen team player Zhang Yuan was interviewed by the media.

When summing up this game, the Shenzhen team player Zhang Yuan said: “This season’s goal is to relegate. We have completed the task of relegation. The team is also in a difficult and transition stage.Such difficulties can continue to stick here at all times. I think it can give fans an explanation. Although this explanation achievement is not good, I hope everyone understands. I want to say sorry for Shenzhen fans. I am really sorry for their support.In this case, they have been cheering for us to cheer up and give up. I am really grateful. “

When talking about the team, Zhang Yuan said: “In the second half of this year, we are mainly young players. I hope that these games will have a good exercise for them.It ’s been a year old. In three years, everyone’ s performance in the league and players is not very satisfied. As a player, I am also very dissatisfied. I hope that after the epidemic passes, our industry can be better. “

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