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Zhang Yahui ranked second in Zhang Yahui, half ahead of the Central High School Women

On December 8th, Beijing time, the Women’s Championships of the Central and High School of the Personal Team System ended at the Xiamen Oriental Golf Club.Liu Yan, a native player in Xiamen, once again demonstrated the strength of the US patrol, and handed 6 -character heads for two consecutive rounds. The 36 -hole score reached 135, which was 9 shots below the standard pole.In terms of team competition, the captain Liu Yanbin contributed 4 points to the “Guangfu Team”, the team score of 277 (-11), and the 6-shot advantage greatly led the “Nine Birds and One Eagle Team” in the second place.


Liu Yan

Today’s leading list can be described as champion Lin Li.

The 16 -year -old amateur ballist from Wuhan, Zhang Yahui, the champion of the Chinese Trust Women’s Elite Champion in 2021, made another 69 shot, the total score of two rounds was 138, and the second ranked second in the three rods; the other amateur teenager, 2022 Hangzhou in 2022An Tong, the champion of the International Championship, also handed over 69 shots today, with 139 shots in two rounds, and ranked third in the top five.With two rounds of total scores of 140, it is tied for fourth.In 2022, Cai Danlin, the women’s personal champion of the National Golf Championship, and Ren Yan who returned from overseas with 142 shots, tied for sixth place.

At 9:30 in the morning, Liu Yan started from the No. 1 hole from the leading group. After steadily hitting 4 holes, she used the No. 5 chick leg on the second pole of the No. 5 hole, leaving 3 yards to push 3 yards outside the 230 yards.The pole, caught the eagle ball after progress, achieved the highlights of today.

Although the latter No. 7 attacked the Ridge to eat a bogey, the three birds of the latter nine also allowed Liu Yan to firmly control the leading situation.

On the 10th, Liu Yan’s 80 yards attacked the green push rod and caught the dead bird; the 5th hole on the 13th hole, Liu Yan put the small ball to the outer ring of the green, 15 yards to the flag, Two Promoting Caves, get a point.


Liu Yan

The 18th hole is the cleanest hole in Liu Yan, and No. 1 Mu waves 269 yards.Later, the P pole was 121 yards, and the small ball was placed on the green. It was promoted in the push rod in less than a yard.

After 36, Liu Yan obtained 3 leading advantages with 135 (67-68) and 9 shots below the standard pole.”If the weather tomorrow is still so good, I expect the number of championships to win around -13. I like to catch up with others on the field, but I will be chased by others tomorrow, and I am not afraid.”In the past, I participated in the Chinese Women’s Grand Gong. At that time, I was more nervous, I thought more, and the pressure was very strong. But I was more relaxed when I came back. Psychological coaches said that I do n’t need to prove my strength. When I come back, I can enjoy this stage.”,”


Zhang Yahui

Zhang Yahui, who set off from the penultimate group, took the lead in finishing the race, watching Liu Yan grabbing a bird on the 18th hole, his results jumped to -9.She ranked second in her heart.”Sister Liu Yan’s distance is too far. My average distance is 240 and 250 yards, and she can make 280 yards. What kind of sand and water barriers are not a problem under her No. 1 wood. This is no gap between 3. These two.Heaven’s game made me see the competitiveness of the foreign stage, and I need to work hard. “Zhang Yahui said.

Zhang Yahui performed well today. The bird push in the first nine and 4 yards was grasped, and the birds were grabbed in the No. 5, Cave 6, and No. 8.After turning into the nine, Zhang Yahui grabbed another bird on the 10th hole, and his results came to -7.

Unfortunately, Zhang Yahui entered the sand in the first shot of the left song, and the second shot of the sand pit rescued the ball again, swallowing the first cypress of this round.Fortunately, the No. 15 pushing the bird ball to make up for it as soon as possible.


Zhang Yahui

On the 18th hole, Zhang Yahui hit the right -handed tree, and the second shot used the chicken leg to rack the ball, but the small ball jumped into Changcao, left 89 yards to the flag, pushed it after Shangguoling, and then eaten cypress.Back to -6, the second one.

“This is a game that needs to be played with a learning mentality. In the past two days, I have a lot with Sister Liu Yan and Ren Yan, including the ability to save the ball and the treatment method of the outer ring of the green.! “Zhang Yahui said after the game,” But it must be rushed tomorrow, and An Tong followed.



Tianjin player An Tong also handed over 69 shots in this round. She caught 4 birds and swallowed 1 Bai Taber. The total score was 139.”I played very aggressively today. The 5 holes were good. It was very smooth. Basically, I caught the bird with a half -yard push pole. The only regret was that it was the last hole for two consecutive days. The overall is not bad!”An Tong summarized after the game.

“Tomorrow with Sister Liu Yan and Yahui will be a wonderful round. Yahui we will play together since childhood, and I am familiar with it. She needs to learn more with Sister Liu Yan. Her ball is very lethal. I also hope that she can win the championship tomorrow at home.”An Tong said.

After two rounds, a total of sixty players were promoted and the promotion line came to 156.


Liu Yan

In terms of group competition, accompanied by Liu Yan’s 4 points, the “Guangfu Team” took the best results of the two, and the total score reached 277, which was 11 below the standard pole.The “Nine Birds and One Eagle Team” composed of Han Yuzen, Zeng Liqi and Xue Zixuan.

As the women’s China Tour 2022 season flagship, the first Central and High -High -High -League Women’s Championship has 50 world points, with a total bonus of 600,000 yuan, including 500,000 yuan in personal bonus prizes and 100,000 yuan team championship prizes.Among them, in addition to winning 6 world points, the 54 -hole individual Bingtian champion will also win 75,000 yuan championship bonuses; 54 holes will end the first team in the team competition, and will directly divide the 100,000 yuan team competition.Champions bonus.Tomorrow, the individual and group champion of the Women’s Championship of the Chinese and High School will be expected, let us look forward to it!

The third round of the Central High School Women’s Championship

The second round of the Central High School Women’s Championship score

The Central High School Women’s Championship Team Fighting results

Hosted by the China High -High -tech Women’s Championship is hosted by the China Golf Association, co -organized by the Fujian Golf Ball Association, Xiamen Golf Association, Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Tour Certification, Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Corporation (Beijing) Co., Ltd.The Club Comprehensive Tourism Co., Ltd. is hosted by the Xiamen Oriental Golf Rural Club to host the stadium, and the cultural and tourism bureaus of Xiamen Haicang District is the guidance unit.

The Senior High School Women’s Championship has also won the China -high school strategic partner Guofei Wine, Biyin Lefen, and the Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Tour Supplier Benneng Golf, Golf, Hengtai, Kirin Beer, Taylormade, and Anta Anta, The official hotel Xiamen Panji Hilton and the official support of the official Shui Yibao.

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