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Zhang Yahui leading Zhang Yunjie’s first round of Zhang Yunjie’s first round of Zhang Yunjie’s first round of Zhang Yunjie fell behind


Zhang Yahui

On November 23, Beijing time, Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Island ushered in the long -lost winter sun. Amateur ball player Zhang Yahui at Zhangjiagang City Shuangshan Leisure Sports Club (6386 yards, 72 shots) ended three birds to end the situation at the time of the end, with 68 shots, lower than the standard rod 4 and 1 advantage. Challenge.

Professional player Zhang Yunjie cut nearly 11 yards of birds outside the end of the Dongguoling, caught 4 birds throughout the day, swallowed 1 cypress, scored 69, 3 shots below the standard pole, and located in the second place alone.

“Super star” Zeng Liqi continued to grab three birds on the 6th to 8th, and once tied the competition side by side. Unfortunately, swallowing the double cypress on the 16th hole, 6 birds and 3 cypress 1 double cypress 71st , Temporarily ranked third.

The women’s ranks, Sun Jiaze, and An Tong, the champion of Hangzhou International Championship, all handed over the standard rod scores, ranking fourth.

The defending champion Zhao Zhimeng missed the bird all day and scored 73 shots. He toured the sixth champion Pan Yanhong and his professional golf Qin Min in the sixth place.

Wuhan amateur ball player Zhang Yahui, with a good attack of the Ridge and the feeling of gradually familiar, hit the ideal round of 5 birds and 1 cypress. Especially since the 16th hole, Zhang Yahui chose 48 degrees and 110 yards to attack the cave half -yard to grab a bird to make up for the cypress swallowed by the front hole because of the left song; Shunfeng attacked to 6 yards and advanced again; the final hole, 48 degrees to 3 yards, caught the fifth bird throughout the day.

Three consecutive small birds have been in the account, and successfully helped Zhang Yahui stand out from the troops to the troops, leading the competition with 1 shot. “Actually, my physical strength was a bit unable to keep up, and her grades were ups and downs.” Zhang Yahui said, “The Ridge here is fast and hard, and the speed of the green is 11, which is a very big challenge for me. “

Zhang Yahui revealed that after following Feng Shanshan practicing physical fitness, she rose sharply. “I was also practicing the short iron before. Now that the two cooperate, let me be more calm on the court.” She said. Winning the championship is obviously one of the goals of Zhang Yahui, but before the last round, she believed that “resting well, ensuring the stability of the hardcore, and practicing a pushing pole” is the problem that needs to be considered.

Zhang Yunjie, a professional golfer from Hainan, also grabbed the opportunity at Zhangjiagang’s Shuangshan Island because of a good push rod feel. “Today’s push rod may be one of the best players since I transferred my career.” Zhang Yunjie said, “Maybe because I just came from the south, it will always be shorter, and I have lost some opportunities.”


Zhang Yunjie

The highlights of Zhang Yunjie all day are holes 8, 117 yards poles thin, and the ball falls on the edge of the bonds and the roller. push. In addition, she also had 3 birds and 1 cypress to avoid the account, once tied at the end of the race.

Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Challenge has always been the first place in the hearts of professional golfers. In addition to the 2018 competition champion Salang Peng, Pu Aixiangpu (2016), Liu Wenbo (2017), Hou Yuqiang (2019), Yin Xiaowen (2020) and Zhao Zhimeng (2021) all held it on Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Island The woman toured the first crown. This tradition is obviously expected to be continued by Zhang Yunjie this week, but the girl in Hainan obviously does not want to put too much pressure on herself. “This year I chose to face the field with ‘frank’. The idea of ​​winning the championship last year was very strong, but I was always contrary to my wishes, and my state was particularly sluggish. Just adjust my mentality and enjoy the field.” Zhang Yunjie said.

When the event came to an end, Zeng Liqi, Zhang Yunjie, and Zhang Yahui successively ranked among the leading groups. Unfortunately, Zeng Liqi entered the bush in the left of the 16th hole and ended the hole with Shuangbai.


Zeng Liqi

In addition, Zeng Liqi has indeed made a lot of good goals, including the No. 6 holes, the 13 -yard uphill long promotion hole; the 8th hole, the attack of the green, the 15 yard S -shaped downhill push Magic in the hole, complete the three consecutive birds. “Although I caught six birds, I was ups and downs.” Zeng Liqi said, “I definitely want to achieve breakthroughs as soon as possible. After transferring careers, I do face a lot of pressure, including self -pressure, which is actually uncomfortable.” This week, Zeng Liqi played the field under the escort of the backpack of the coach of Nanchang Poly College, and strived to make a career breakthrough.

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