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Zhang Xu: Why do you want to be stubbornly practicing the habit of “you won’t lose chess easily”

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Original title: な ぜ け け け け 人 い し し し た た か 実 実 する する する する

Excerpt from: Toyo Economy

Author: Zhang Xu Jiu Duan

Translation and finishing: Discipline is quiet recently

In order to defeat the opponent who can defeat

In other words, many things that should be implemented must be implemented solidly. Here I want to share with you what “the opponent who can overcome” with you.

I checked my previous record. I was with super first -class chess players, that is, the record of more than 10 players who often appeared in the title of the title. In fact, the score did not lead a lot.Basically, it is a little better, of course, there are almost five or five, and even those who lose more and less.

Nonetheless, but I have won so many championships so far, the most important factor is that I will basically not lose in the face of other players, and sometimes more than 80 % of the winning rate.

In the current Japanese Go industry, in addition to the Qifan chess and Wanfan chess, there are also cyclic circles that determine the right to challenge, others use the knockout system that will be eliminated after losing.Therefore, when facing the opponent who is slightly inferior to his own, you must not lose. It is very important to defeat opponents.

Not only must I win “winning the chess”, I feel that I am better than other first -class players in this regard.Maybe I’m not very good. In fact, there are many players who have played with me in five or five, or the chess players who have better records than me often flipped over this time.

However, in the face of non -top chess players exceeding 80 %, not all the opponents are winning.Judging from the content of the chess game, half of the game is evenly, and many chess is actually very likely to lose.After all, everyone is a professional chess player. In fact, there is no such a big gap in strength. In fact, the gap between us is not large at all.

Since the strength of each other is not such a big gap, if you hold the mentality of “I must win”, it will put a lot of pressure on yourself, and it is likely to lose the game.In other words, if you say, “Although you are here to beat me” and then make it strong, but in this case, there will be vulnerabilities and the opponent to complete the defensive counterattack.Therefore, I will not take the goal of my opponent who is inferior to my opponents.

Don’t worry about the victory and defeat, slowly wait for the opportunity

So what should we do at this time?The answer is “chess that will not lose easily.”

“I won’t lose chess easily”, specifically “do not rush to win, wait slowly.”

If facing the opponent who is inferior to himself, the opponent often has a more regretful idea, and then there is a mentality of “then do it early”. In this case, it is likely that it is likely to have a negative impact, and it will definitely not be aPositive influence.

Here is a specific example. This is the story of my wife Kobayashi’s sharing with me.

At that time, Xiaolinquan held the title of Female Liu Yinyin and the famous female stream, and almost participated in the NHK Cup match almost every year, and then faced the male chess player and had a victorious achievement.

For the male chess player, there will be an invisible pressure of “I can’t lose to the female chess player”, so in terms of mentality, Kobayashi Quanmei is more advantageous.But getting good results is not as long as you have a good attitude.

There is a fixed broadcast time for TV chess. If the layout fails, it will soon lose, and the show will turn over.So every game of chess will take “the first 50 hands to maintain the balance” as your goal.

If facing the opponent stronger than me, at this time, you will not set a “must win” that is not practical, but to set a humble goal such as “down to 50 hands”, it is definitely no problem.

Even so, it is not very easy to maintain the balance of the first 50 hands.Of course, when the layout stage is very gorgeous, or if you go out desperately, you will only be played in the palm of your hand in the face of the master.So if you are down to the ground, if you put the chess on the main point, this game of chess will be more long, which is actually one of the chess theory.

Later, after I found that I used this tactics, I often got good results.So I thought: “After more than 50 hands, the situation is still five or five. At this time, the teacher who is stronger than me may start to worry. In order to bring the advantage early in the early days, I will start some very reluctant means.”

Obviously it is a female chess player who is inferior to herself, but after more than 50 hands, the situation is still five or five. At this time, there is a anxious attitude of “weird, not like this”.This mentality may actually develop in a good direction for us.

This is just one of the examples, so in the face of chess players who are inferior to themselves, the worst thing is to “solve the competition early”, or the psychological state of “the opponent is clearly dish, why is it still equal”.

Therefore, “won’t win chess and lose chess” is actually “not in a hurry to win.”

In this case, you can achieve “facing your opponents who are inferior to your opponents.”If the strength is slightly stronger, you can actually open the gap between the strength to drag into the long -term war.

For example, for a track and field project, compared with a very direct short distance running, the medium -length jogging is actually difficult to appear upset.In addition, many sports projects, compared to a knockout match, are actually difficult to win in the league with more rounds.For example, compared to a Japanese high school baseball with a winning defeat, the regular season game of professional baseball can reflect the strength of each team.Filling wins and defeat

In fact, Go is the same. Many Go matches adopt a knockout game system.There will be a challenger of a single -cycle system to decide the battle. At this time, there will be a single -cycle challenger. At this time, it can actually reflect the strength.

This situation can actually be reflected in one plate.

The average number of chess players is about 200 chess, which means that every game of both sides must play 100 gensors.For those with weak strength, a game of chess will have 100 mistakes.

So what will happen if we minimize each other?Simply put, the chance of making mistakes will be reduced.In this case, before the opposite force, he can survive zero.At this time, it may occur.

If it is said that the stronger side drags the long line and puts a game of chess 300 hands, so the weak player who has a weak strength will play 150 chess.In this case, the chance of making mistakes will become higher, which is more advantageous for chess players.

For people with strong strength, if the opponent in the middle of the market is often played, at this time, they should not take the initiative to take the initiative., Calmly wait for the arrival of this time.At this time, the opponent may not help but take the lead.

The victory and defeat are impermanence. Of course, I just gave some examples, but for me, it is important to take the awareness of playing chess to lasting war.

What needs to be emphasized repeatedly is that in order to increase the winning rate, you cannot lose to your opponent who is inferior to your own.Of course, compared with “the opponent who defeats it in one fell swoop”, it will be very difficult to continue to lose chess easily, but this is also very important.

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    This old antique thing is actually out of date, and these experiences have long been outdated.It may be possible to put it 10 years ago.All personal ideas are nonsense in front of the AI choice, unless you can go out of the Yang Dingxin LG semi -finals to one of God like Shen Zhenyu.So looking for Shen Zhenzhang Yang Dingxin Li Xuanhao, they also introduced the experience.

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