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Zhang Xiaobin: It is regrettable to make full preparations for two rounds before the game.

On December 9th, the 30th round of the 2022 Super League, the Wuhan Three Town Team at home draws the Shandong Taishan Team 1-1 at home.After the game, Zhang Xiaobin, a player in Wuhan Three Town team, accepted the media interview.

The back line of the Wuhan Three Town Team is a new defense line today. In response, the reporter asked if the head coach emphasized what problems before the game.Yes, but our coaching team is fully prepared before the game. “

When talking about the feeling of away guards, Zhang Xiaobin said: “I still want to thank the coaching team for their trust in me. I can also complete this position 100 %.”

When it comes to the result of two rounds against Shandong Taishan, is it regrettable or acceptable?Zhang Xiaobin replied: “I think it is still a bit sorry, because we are all equalized in the first lead, but all players can unite to complete the game.”

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    LaoLiuattheseaside2022 10 12 月, 2022 at 2:31 上午

    Your bad team rely on a few foreign aids, the rear is the tofu dregs

  2. Contently, no double kill, you can be lucky!

  3. The club spent so much money, it is really regrettable not to win.

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