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Zhang Fan’s 35 points Gao Deng 30+14 Beichang Like Jilin ended six consecutive defeats

On January 6, Beijing time, in the 23rd round of the CBA regular season, the Jilin team 95-110 lost to the Beicha team.The Jilin team suffered a three -game losing streak, and the Bei Kong team ended with a 6 -game losing streak.

Jilin team: Li An 10 points, Jones 38 points, 19 rebounds and 9 assists, Cui Jinming 15 points, Jiang Weize 12 points.

Beicha team: Zou Yuxun 12 points and 14 rebounds, Gao Deng 30 points, 7 rebounds and 14 assists, Zhang Fan 35 points, Wang Shaojie 13 points and 7 rebounds.

In the first quarter, Jilin played a 9-3 start, and the Bei-Control team made adjustments in time to respond to a wave of 11-0. Liu Tianyi fouled Gordon’s violation.-33 behind.In the second quarter, foreign aid Jones took over the competition. He scored 7 points in a row and assisted Jiang Weize twice to score three points. The halftime ended, and the North Control 52-46 led Jilin.

Bian Bian fought again, Jilin quickly smoothed the difference, the two teams opened a tug-of-war, the two sides exchanged 5 times, and Jilin 74-70 ended the third quarter.In the last quarter, Zhang Fan scored 5 points in a row, and the North Controls overtaken the score 7-0. Zhang Fan consecutive three points in a row. Bei Kong expanded its advantage to two digits. In the end, the Jilin team 95-110 lost to the 95-110 team to defeat.Beicha team.

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  1. Jilin has no money to seller, Beichang is rich, and bought a batch of cheerleaders sitting below

  2. The head coach of the two teams for the results of the players will not consider the health of the player.Used, use death!

  3. The key to Beichang is that there is no pitcher, no stable score point, and it is better to introduce Liu Xiaoyu to introduce a pitcher or cultivate a pitcher yourself.

  4. Is other players in Jilin not playing?Do you have to do the 5 main force?

  5. Beichang is more serious, Zhang Fan and Gordon have played for more than forty minutes.Not far away.

  6. Reply
    Weiboregisteredfordad_374 1月 7, 2023 at 2:30 上午

    What about Has?I did n’t play much in the two games

  7. I did n’t have the north control of the legs immediately, and I saw the hope of winning the game

  8. Zhang Jinsong almost shocked a cold sweat!Anyway, I won a game!Next five games!Loch Liaoning!Lost Guangdong!Losses Zhejiang!Losing Tongxi!Tianjin may not be able to win!IntersectionIntersection

  9. Beicha is still playing against Jilin today, winning.The end of the Lianlin.But there are still many problems. The tactical arrangement should be more detailed, passing, and unstable shooting.

  10. Beicha is also playing today

  11. Bei Kong has changed to Hans, and the problem is not big. The problem is not big.

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