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Zeng Liqi Big Score reversed Liu Yan’s back -to -back win -win situation of the Senior High School Women’s Championship


Zeng Liqi

On December 9th, Beijing time, the women’s championship of the Senior High School Women’s Championships of the Women’s Middle Tour of the Year and the Personal Team System ended in the Xiamen Oriental Golf Rural Club Tribe.After a perfect round of 65 rods, 205 shots (69-71-65) with a total three rounds, lower than the standard rod 11, and the 2st advantage to hold the Chinese high school women’s championship personal championship trophy.The championship bonus and 6 world points are income!

Liu Yan, a newborn and 36-hole leader in the United States, surrendered 72 shots in a single round, with a total three rounds of total scores of 207 (67-68-72), which was second in the second place below the standard pole.The 16-year-old amateur ballist, Zhang Yahui, the champion of the Chinese Trust Women’s Elite Championship in 2021, handed over 71 shots in this round, with a total three rounds of 209 (-7), and the third place was separate.Pan Yanhong, a woman in the woman, ranked fourth with a total score of 210 (-6) and amateur player Antong.

Starting from the penultimate group, Zeng Liqi fell behind the leader Liu Yan before going out.Standing on the No. 1 hole, Zeng Liqi felt extremely relaxed, and even had a little fighting spirit.”There is a rarely a game that makes me feel that I have nothing to do with the championship before departure. After all, 5 shots are behind, and the leader is the powerful Sister Liu Yan.” Zeng Liqi said, “But my caddy said saidIt doesn’t matter, make every shot. In fact, I do this too. For my team, for more world points. “

As soon as she appeared, Zeng Liqi opened the fire and grabbed three birds.The first two holes are within 2 yards after the green.On the 3rd hole, Zeng Liqi promoted the oblique downhill 3 yards and a half -bird push.”The hardcore is very accurate. After Shangguoling today, there is almost no falling point other than 5 yards.” Zeng Liqi said.

With the three birds of Zeng Liqi, the total score came to -7, and the leading list suddenly became lively.The latter group of Liu Yan, although caught the bird in the No. 2 hole, opened the ball on the No. 3 hole and entered the OB area.Paopa pushed, the grades slipped to -7; Zhang Yahui, who set off with -6, caught the bird in the No. 2 hole, and the three came to the same position.


Liu Yan

Next, Liu Yan pushed the 7 yards long push on the 6th hole, retrieved his confidence, and grabbed another point in the No. 9 hole; Zhang Yahui continued to catch the birds on the No. 6 and No. 7.Although Zeng Liqi was a few holes and missed the bird push, she still followed the difference between 2.

After the transfer, Liu Yan made a frequent mistake. He pushed three consecutive times on the 10th and 11th holes. He ate two cypress taboos, and his results fell again to 7.With the accurate hardcore, Zeng Liqi opened the bird-catching mode again after hitting 8 holes in the eight holes, caught the birds in the 12, 13, 14, and 16 holes, and the grades jumped to -11.

“When I hit a few holes in the back, I felt a feeling of returning to the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Air Conditioning Championship last year. I think I have done the best I can do.” Zeng Liqi lamented.One year ago in the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Air Conditioning Championship, Zeng Liqi also forced Liu Wenbo into the extension of the finals after catching 7 birds in the finals, which was only one step away from the championship.

Zhang Yahui quit the championship in advance after swallowing Shuangbai on the 14th hole.Liu Yan caught two birds on the 13th and 14th hole to recover 2 points. The No. 16 Cave pushed 22 yards long push, and then grabbed a bird. The results came to -10.On the 18th hole, the ball was off the left, and the roots could not be played.

Zeng Liqi, who took the lead, was waiting for the result by the green, both nervous and excited: “Like a rocket! Many friends holding the water to wait for me while holding the water, joking with me, winning you, not winning the flowers, not winning flowers.. “Waiting for the final group, Zeng Liqi ushered in his own champion baptism.

This is only two weeks before Zeng Liqi won the first career in the Zhangjiagang Shuangshan Challenge.Back to win the championship, witnessed the growth and transformation of Zeng Liqi.”In the first victory, I proved that I can never stay in the second, I can win. I can win. The second victory, tell you that I can also play such a beautiful round in the case of a big score.This week is a very good experience for me and the verification of my training results. “Zeng Liqi said after the game,” Thank you for the physical fitness and rehabilitation guarantee given by coach Geng Mingxing in the event cycle. “

As a women’s China Tour 2022 season flagship, the Senior High School Women’s Championship has 50 world points, and the champion Zeng Liqi enjoys 6 points.”The world points of this event are very important to me, and it has made me go further towards the international stage.” Zeng Liqi said.

In terms of team competition, the “Guangfu Team” composed of Liu Yan, Ren Yan, and Chen Yuzheng handed over 418 shots after three rounds, which was 14 shots below the standard pole.”Bird One Eagle Team” won the team championship trophy and won the championship prize of 100,000 yuan.


Guangfu team won the team champion

Xiamen’s local player Liu Yan won the personal runner -up and group champion in his home show.”For two years abroad, I was used to using the ranging meter. I have strangely used the number of code numbers and frequently calculate the number of misunderstandings. This requires reflection.” Liu Yan said, “Missing this champion, very regrettable, I am afraid that I am afraid that it is.It ’s sad for a few days. I have already won 3 runner -up on this field, which may be doomed. But I am very happy to win the team championship, teammates are strong!” Next year, Liu Yan will go to the LPGA field in the United States to experience a new new one and experience a new one.What kind of surprise she will bring in challenges is worth looking forward to.

Hosted by the China High -High -tech Women’s Championship is hosted by the China Golf Association, co -organized by the Fujian Golf Ball Association, Xiamen Golf Association, Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Tour Certification, Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Corporation (Beijing) Co., Ltd.The Club Comprehensive Tourism Co., Ltd. is hosted by the Xiamen Oriental Golf Rural Club to host the stadium, and the cultural and tourism bureaus of Xiamen Haicang District is the guidance unit.

The Senior High School Women’s Championship has also won the China -high school strategic partner Guofei Wine, Biyin Lefen, and the Chinese Women’s Professional Golf Tour Supplier Benneng Golf, Golf, Hengtai, Kirin Beer, Taylormade, and Anta Anta, The official hotel Xiamen Panji Hilton and the official support of the official Shui Yibao.

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