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Ze Roberto: Winnie Houz will become Real Madrid Legend Chelsea to enter the UEFA Champions League final

Ze Roberto supported Vinimius to become a legendary figure of Real Madrid. At the same time, he also hinted that Chelsea would defeat his old house and advance to the Champions League final.

In 2018, Real Madrid’s transfer fee for 46 million euros signed Vonihus from Vlador, and this season is the best season that the Brazilian star spent on the Bernabeu Stadium.

Under the leadership of Zenedine Zidane, the 20 -year -old player has made good progress in shooting, and has gained a lot of exercise and experience in the game, which convinced him of Ze Roberto to believe him It will continue to reach the highest level of football.

When asked if Vonihus, who scored 6 goals in the 2020-21 season, has the ability to become a legendary figure of Real Madrid, Ze Robertto told enough football: “He absolutely has this ability. He has great potential He will show his potential through time and seek a stable position in the club. “

“In order to do this, he needs confidence, and only when you have enough time to play, you will have confidence.”

Ze Robertto believes that in the age of teens, he transferred from Flamengo to Rodrigo, San Diego Bernuwu, and will embark on the same professional path as Vinius.

“This is not only suitable for him (Vini Hughes), but also for Rodrigo. He also has huge potential,” he added. “They need to play this potential without ignoring psychological aspects.”

“They must be the next generation of superstars. In the past ten years, players who have maintained high levels in the past ten years include Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, and Lewan Dopsky, but they will not keep it forever.”

“So, we must welcome the new generation of players. I put Vini Hughes, Mbappe and Rodrigo, all of this generation with great potential players.”

Although most of the Real Madrid people will recover their health, Ze Roberto believes that Chelsea will defeat Real Madrid to win the second round of the Champions League semi -finals in Stanford Bridge, and then match the finals with Manchester City.

Last week, the Blue Army played a 1-1 draw in the first round of the Spanish giants. The Brazilians believed that Thomas Tuchr would have another great plan to defeat the White Legion.

“I think Chelsea has one of the best defensive systems in Europe, even the best,” Said Ze Roberto. “I like the way they play, so I bet that Chelsea will win.”

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