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“Yuanzhu Ceremony” starts incubation steel pipe dancing art works and talents

The “Yuanzhu Works Ceremony” is a first -tier professional steel pipe dance and empty dance school in the United Nations of the Pingxian Company and the Yingzhong College. The artistic value of the trinity is the incubation pool of domestic steel pipe dance and empty dance art talents.

Since the start of the fate rod ceremony in 2019, it has continuously exported high -quality works and talents for the steel pipe dance and empty dance market. The participation of outstanding dancers, excellent works and excellent directors is being collected across the country. In 2022, the fate rod work ceremony will be ignited on the basis of the fate rod competition, incubating artistic talents and excellent directors.

The fate rod work ceremony provides all aspects of support for professional steel pipe dance dance talents and rich professional capabilities and artistic value. The pursuit of art has won market recognition through real strength and works.


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