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You Dao Taoist Champion Diao Zhenxuan interviewed: From entry to only two years from paragraph 5

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Diao Zhenxuan, who has just reached the age of 8, has been studying for more than 2 years to have been in the five sections. Each rising section is passed once, and the results are very eye -catching.

Now there is a way to learn from the world champion to find a new breakthrough in the level of chess.

Taoist interviews with Diao Zhenxuan and their parents, listening to the story of the championship teenager.


Exercise thinking and cultivate inverse business

Get growth in Go learning

“There are Go classes in the institution that I am studying beaded. When I pass by, I watch others have black and white seeds. I think it is interesting. My mother said that if I won the award for the beading heart computing competition, I won the top three. It’s a little proud of Zhen Xuan, recalling the opportunity to start learning chess by himself, and recognized his progress very much. “I am in the second grade now, and I don’t feel difficult to do the four -year quota. I started to learn about Go at the age of 5! “

The parents who attach great importance to education have signed up for various extracurricular classes for children. Zhenxuan, who is more than 5 years old, is already cultivating multiple hobbies such as beaded hearts, calligraphy, and programming. At first, he just wanted to try Go.

“There is no utilitarian idea. In fact, in Xinjiang, there are not many policies for special recruitment, but I did not expect that children to learn in particular.” When it comes to changes brought about by Go, Zhenxuan’s mother feels that anti -frustration is the first. In position, “He is not afraid of losing at all now, and he will not tears or something. He feels regretful and starts to study how to win next time. In the process of playing chess It has cultivated the inverse business. “


Calm down and calm down

A small goal of 7 -year -old rising section

“The 7 -year -old rising section is the small goal he has set up, and it really has achieved it! Every time he played with his brother and sister who is much older than him, but he is not nervous at all.” The speed was surprised. “The 2nd and 3 -stage competition has been separated for more than 2 months. We did not have a great hope, but the competition of more than 400 people won the first place in Group A. It’s very good, I don’t know if this is a talent. “

/*Zhenxuan has successfully risen through the first place*/

The score of 7 years old to karma 5 is very eye -catching. It is very open -minded to whether to cultivate Zhenxuan as a professional chess player father and mother, and is willing to support the children’s decision. “We will learn every step now, find a good teacher to dial, and see which step of the fate of him and Go, it is also the way to learn from the way to learn at this time.”


Champions Dial Dial Pioneer Thoughts

There is a new opportunity for learning

Being able to learn with the world champion, Zhenxuan’s children are also very excited. “Teacher Peng Quan pays special attention to details. If the world champion’s chess records are lost in one step, you will lose. I have to be careful step by step!” I also knew it very clearly. “My siege is not good, and I can’t grab the first hand. The tutor of this behind -the -class course will say, I will learn well!”

/*Zhenxuan is listening to Teacher Peng Quan’s course*/

“In fact, there are only 3 professional chess players in Xinjiang. We have always learned from a local teacher 6 teacher. Now the children are also 5 paragraphs. I did n’t expect to have the opportunity to learn with professional chess players before The world champion. “When talking about learning in the vertical and horizontal, Zhenxuan’s parents are very happy.” I have always worried that the level of 5 sections in different regions is very different. The high -ranking children gather together, this idea is really good. “

Zhenxuan’s experience is the representative of the outstanding players across the country. It will continue to choose through an authoritative event. With excellent teachers and advanced teaching concepts, it brings top Go courses and across the network cable to help more champion teenagers’ Go dreams.


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