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Yishan Yutai has won the Japanese Longxing Qiqi to win the stagnation of the annual strange bureau

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In the 31st Dragon Star Finals, which was broadcast on December 26, the Japanese Go Channel on December 26, Yoshiyama Yoshiyuki won the Satoshi Chengcong, won the last championship in 2022, and won the prize of 6 million yen (approximatelyCombining 310,000 yuan).Because Longxing War is a TV recording competition, the actual game of this game was on October 27th, which is the eve of the seventh game of the Yita Hiroshima battle (November 2nd, 3rd) that lost to Zhiye Tiger Wan.For the 33 -year -old Yushan Yutai, it is a luxury to keep all the titles like the past ten years. Within one year, there are still Ben Yinfang, the throne, the saints, and the dragon star.

Jingshan Yutan defeated Zhang Xu’s first champion of the Dragon Star in Japan in 2009. The finals in 2011 and 2012 defeated Jiecheng Cong and Lin Hanjie in turn. Since then, they have embarked on the road of domineering in the Japanese chess world.In the past ten years, he only reached the final in 2020 (negative one Li Liao).In 2022, Yoshiyamu’s first -person burden of the first person in Japanese Go was re -traveled at the end of the year. After a lapse of ten years, the dragon star was picked up and tied with Yi Liao to win the most championship record.

Japan ’s Dragon Star Wars is a traditional TV competition founded in 1991. The competition system is trendy. It is a staircase method that challenges the twelve groups from the bottom up.The champion.The 88th game and the fifteenth innings of this game all broadcast the chess channels in Japan Go in Japan. The two games run through the year every week. It is the main program of the channel.

Due to the number of Japanese Dragon Star, there are as many as 96 people in this game, and professional chess players at all levels have the opportunity to show their face in the studio.For example, Kong Lingwen, the son of Nie Weiping, is in this competition.

The 31st Dragon Star Wars was pre -selected from June to August 2021. The popular child star Zhongyi won the two old chess players, Yongchun, and Jinchuan Zhengming.Xiaolin Guangyi, Xiaolin Quanmei, and Zhang Xu’s family of three successfully passed the level. Xiaolin Guang defeated the younger 53 -year -old New Duanzhota Lingya. Xiaolin Quanmei eliminated Yuan Liu Shi the day before yesterday.as soon as.

At the start of the 31st, Guan Hangtaro had not yet got Tianyuan. He wanted to start from the bottom of the game. The “Same Duel” better than the 28th Dragon Star Wars, which was amazing to get the runner -up, Ueno Aiyami, who lost to Yao Zhiteng.

Starting from September 2021, eight groups were spread out in this game.Group A Yaozen and Okaki were all 3 wins. After the victory of Oshagiyama, he became the “last winner”.Group B Kato Chiro Zhang Yan, Nakano Kuan, and Zhao Zhixun won 3 wins. Wu Baiyi defeated Kato to Chizhi and defeated Xu Jiayuan, who was also a Taiwan travel to Japan.Group C Mukomi overwhelmed the Da Tuo Capital, which was also 4 wins, and Jingshan Yutai entered the knockout.The group D is Pan Shanqi and the guardian who won 4 wins, including Like Zhang Xu.

Fujisawa Mi Lian Sheng Shengkase Yoshiso 1, Six Papua, and Anda Lichang, three men, are new, and hope for a while, but as she lost Kim Zexiu (left), the three consecutive victories of the three consecutive victories were lost after the high -tailed gentry road.EssenceThe suspense of this “my life” is one of the charm of the Dragon Star battle.

Group E Dalong Ping 3 wins and the last victory of the Seto Tree.After Group F Chang Shilong won 2 wins, Hengzuka, Suzuki, Lin Ziyuan, Su Yaoguo, Kiyoshi, Yita Kiki, Kawaka Oki, and Hiuda also only won one more victory. No one can take a step forward.Chang Shilongzhi and Hirata are also lucky to be promoted.Group G Jin Zexiu won 3 wins and Yu Zhengqi ended with 2 wins.Group H Sun Yan and Fukuoka Hang Lang were 3 wins.

The Japanese Longxing War often appears to play a group of veterans such as Yita Kai Kaiki, which leaves the audience in full nostalgic space.In this game, on May 23, 2022, Yita, who was nearly 60 years old, became more and more clear.

After the sixteen of the knockout, the war began in July 2022 (broadcast began in November). This game repelled Fuji Tian Mingyan, who held the C group, Yingshan Yugai Shengjian Kim Soo Hyoshi, Kato Katami, and Benskomi.In the other half of the district, Jiecheng Cong, who has entered the 50th Gates this year, defeated Oshagiyama Hiroshi, Hirada Tomoi, and Daxi Longping.Victory, the heritage of fast chess is still there.

The biggest upset in the knockout stage was the veteran of Kato Kato, who was born in 1974 in the first round of the 9th, and Kato Kano Tiger Pill. Kato Kato became famous 30 years ago in the Sino -Japanese Go Ring.Not over half.However, in this Dragon Star battle, he continued to create topics. The pre -selection of Sai was wins, and Meizawa Yuki and Wugong Zhengshu defeated Zhao Zhixun.

Yu Zhengqi, the first person in the Kansai Chess Academy, defeated Chang Shilongzhi (left) in the first round of the knockout match, which is also one of the unpopular doors.The recorder on the referee’s seat, Taro Takako (back row left, was born in 1980), served as this job all year round, but suddenly announced his retreat at the end of 2022, and never chess.

In the first time, the Great Liao and Eighth Championship of the Board of Chess lost to Ben Mu Kami. Jingshan Yutai cleverly avoided the two strong enemies of the same group and Hu Wan, who created his strong enemy in 2022.

It was enough to be selected in the 2022 Strange Bureau. A game of chess was born in the quarterfinals. Jingshan Yuta welcomed Kato Kato. It was originally a contest that there was no suspense.EssenceIt may be due to the blind spot. This step is because he did not hold the black gas on the upper right, and the simple “one · Two” can be returned to life.However, in front of Jingshan Yuta’s firmness, Kato Chiro also produced the same blind spots. The two sides turned a blind eye to the upper right means, and ended up to the end.Since the start of a live chess on the right, the AI winning rate in this game has been ups and downs. For the black side, it is “masters who do not know the sky to lower the pie”, and for Bai Fang, it is “losing chess and winning.”

The game time in this game was September 26, it was the state of Jingshan Yutai’s condition. On September 22, Xu Jiayuan lost the right to challenge the challenge of chess.It is not difficult to understand such a huge mistake.In the east, the mulberry of the mulberry, the title of Jingshan Yu, who was defeated by the title battle, had accumulated luck to the Dragon Star battle. Kato Kato won the low -level fainting of Jingshan without any refusal, but the cynical Jingshan Yugai shook spirit to win the puzzle.

The veteran of the nearly fifth year can create such troubles for top masters on the chessboard. I am afraid that this scene is only available in Japanese Go.

The final of Jingshan Yuta’s opponent, Katsui, is two years older than Kato Kato, but he is very good at chess, and he has also picked up Inumi in the title battle finals.Today, it was not the dragon that used 111 hands to slaughter the opponent’s half of the chessboard with only 111 hands.

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