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Yin Bo: The AFC Champions League Brites-the cold winter of Chinese football youth training has just arrived

Source: Yin Bo Say Ball

In the 2022 AFC Champions League, the Chinese Super League team was overturned in the playoffs and the group stage. Despite special considerations such as the epidemic, the three Chinese Super League teams did not send first -line teams to play. The high performance of the seaports, Guangzhou and Guoan participating in the Chinese Super League still caused a strong response on social platforms. Part of the front -line bench+youth teams in Harbor was played, and the playoffs lost 0-1 to the Philippine League runner -up and failed to enter the main match. In the court, there are almost five defeats in the other five games. Among them, the 0-7 defeat to the Kawasaki striker of the J League, setting the largest score record for the Chinese Super League team in the Asian field. The total score of the 3 teams of the Chinese Super League is 13 games, 1 draw and 12 losses. This is likely to be an unprecedented tragedy in the AFC Champions League history.

(Thirteen battles, no victory)

The first team that challenged the opponent with the youth team as the main team is the only reason for the Chinese Super League 3 team to justify themselves. It is just that the Japanese and Korean teams in the same group are not the main players, especially after the second game, the Kawasaki striker, Osaka cherry blossoms, Daegu FC and other J League and the K league teams are basic substitutes. And unknown teams such as Lions, Kaya, Jiezhi and other unknown teams from Thailand, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, China. During the epidemic period, they are generally not systematically trained and their combat effectiveness is not strong, but they can still have the crushing advantage of the three young military warrs of the Super League. The latter is not only difficult to win, but even a goal is extremely difficult. It is obviously not excessive.

The controversy on the defeat of the AFC Champions League on the domestic social platform is mainly from the mutual interaction between the fans of Guangzhou and Guoan. This is not a pot that can be carried by seaports, Guangzhou and Guoan Club. Chinese football lacks people who have become a systematic and systematic principle, and can only reflect and change from the perspective of systems and systems. Regardless of Lippi or Li Tie, the national lineup that is chosen to fight for the 40th round of the World Championship is repeatedly criticized because of “severe aging”. However, the two coaches do not find a qualified national foot. As a last resort.

The Chinese national team has been in a difficult time in recent World Championships, and it is extremely difficult to even enter the top 12. In the face of teams below the three -cerpass of Asia in the past, they are very difficult to play. This time, Li Tie led the National Football Football Fortune Broken Breakthrough and finally ranked among the top 12. Many netizens were not satisfied, and the voice of Li Tie was endless. In fact, everyone should cherish the opportunity brought by Li Tie. Because of the next World preliminaries, if there is no timely and efficient new rounds of naturalization measures, it is difficult for the national team to score the top 12. Chinese fans may have to get used to the regular stop of the national team.

The reason is very simple. At present, the youth training era of national football has not deteriorated to this point, and the quality of the youth training of the players behind them has deteriorated. Suitable successor. Guangzhou, Guoan, and Harbor are all large -scale transportation households. They sent the youth army to the AFC Champions League, which is equivalent to the second team of the club. Once the first -tier team members retreat, they can only take over. In the middle and late stages of the first 10 years of the 21st century, the systematic corruption of the concentrated outbreak of Chinese football has reduced the credibility of Chinese football to freezing points. The enthusiasm of young people to participate in football was greatly contraunged, and the youth training system collapsed. The youth players at that stage were the children who levied the AFC Champions League this year. Therefore, neither Lippi and Li Tie could not give Hao Junmin, Wu Xi, Zhang Xianzhe, and Zhang Lin’s distress of the same level of “B.”, which could not escape.

Evergrande’s rise in 2010 was generally considered to be the beginning of “Golden Yuan Football”. “Golden Yuan Football” had a significant negative impact on Chinese football, and it also created the opportunity for Chinese football youth training. The recovery of football and the increase in player income objectively inspired more young people to participate in football youth training. Therefore, after 2010, these children who have started to participate in youth training will be alleviated by the youth training crisis of Chinese football. But this is still a quantitative but informal change. The Chinese football youth training has not received real attention at the level of the Football Association and the club. It is rare in clubs such as Luneng and Greentown. The record of the first team of the National Football Team has continued to decline in recent years. In fact, the decline is more serious. The folding halberd group became the norm. There are more than 400 players in Japan playing in the European League, and we only have one Wu Lei who takes a bench in the Sei B. The cold winter of Chinese football has just arrived, and even more difficult days are still behind.

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