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Yi Xing World: [Historical Culture] Who did Go in the invention of Go?

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“The old and modern dramas, the longest circulation of the longest far, is like Go.” – Ming Xie Zhejiang Zhejiang “Five Miscellaneous”

Qin, chess, books, and paintings are the traditional four arts of Chinese literati.The “chess” refers to Go.There are many versions of the origin of Go’s origin. Among them, the “Yao created Go” statement is the oldest and most popular.

The pre -Qin period of “World Ben · Writing” first proposed the saying “Yao created Go, Dan Zhu Shanzhi”. Although the book has been lost, Go was invented by the Emperor Yao in ancient times, but in later generationsdeep influence.

The “Museum” by Zhang Hua in Xi Jin inherited and added this statement. Among them, “Yao created Go, to teach the son Dan Zhu. Or Yun: Shun is a fool, pretending to be a Go to teach”, point outGo may be invented by Yao or Shun to educate his son.Zhang Hua, the author of “Museum”, is also a chess fan. He has left the game with Emperor Jinwu Sima Yan and persuaded him to send troops to fight Wu.

With the development of history, the description of the origin of Go has become more detailed.In the Song Dynasty, Luo Bi once said in the “Postscript of the History”: “Emperor Yao Tao Tang’s, who first married Fuyi, said the queen, gave birth to Zhu, and he was very good.Sadness, for making chess and leisurely. “According to this legend, Go is a kind of chess movement made by Yao to educate Dan Zhu for educating the exquisiteness of nature and Hu Zuo.Wisdom, a medium of self -cultivation.

In addition, the inventor of Go has other other opinions, such as the “Original Yi” made by the Tang Dynasty poet Pi Rixiu: “The beginning of the game will start from the Warring States, harmful fraud, and pseudo.The people are streaming.The authors believe that Go should be invented by the vertical and horizontal family during the Warring States Period, but his point of view is not to believe, because as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, it was already recorded in Go in “Zuo Zhuan” and “The Analects”.

In the Ming Dynasty, Lin Yinglong believed that Go was invented by the immortality.Later, Chen Renxi put forward the saying “Wu Cao’s Bo, Go” in “The Book of Suddenly”.According to legend, Wu Cao is a minister of Xia Yan.

In addition, Go is a saying for the sister -in -law.This is related to the legend of Lingchuan Qizishan.In the ancient times, it was called Qiling and Mouqiling, which is located in the southwest of Liquan Township, Lingchuan County, Shanxi Province.According to legend, this is the land of Yin Shang nobles.After King Zhou Wu destroyed the Shang, the survivor Xunzi of the Shang Dynasty had avoided here. It is rumored that he had set stones here to deduce astronomy.At present, Qizishan has become a commemorative place for the origin and historical celebrity Xunzi.


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