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Yi Xing World: [Historical Culture] How many “elegant names” are there in Go

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Go, known as “Yi” in ancient my country, was introduced to Japan, and was called IGO, which is the origin of the most popular Go English name Go.In addition, English names such as Weiqi or Weichi, Korean transliteration Baduk are also commonly used.

In the Western Han Dynasty, Yangxiong said in Volume 5 of “Dialect”: “Go is the game of Go, from the east, Qilu, all of which are called games.” Eastern Han Xu Shen’s “Said the Word” also said, “From the sound. “

Because Go is a general hobby of the nobles and literati, with the development of history, these people also give Go more and more elegant names.”Shi Shuo Xinyu · Qiaoyi” is: “Wang Zhonglang uses Go to sit in hidden, Zhigong uses Go as a hand”.Wang Zhonglang refers to the famous king of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, and the branch of the branch refers to the famous monk at the time.The two sides used the game to “talk”.

At the same time, Go also has the title of “forgetting worries”. The naming is the ancestor of the ancestor of “Smelling the Chicken Dance”. He is good at Go. He once said that “I forget the worries.”EssenceHundreds of years later, Song Huizong Zhao Yan had the royal poems and praised, “Forgetting and worrying about the chess, the fairy attacked the old age.

Others in Go are: black and white, square, Wu herme, 楸枰, rutorke, wooden fox, tattoos, slightly array, hunting, siege, jade 楸枰, He Luo, Wu Tu, etc.

It is stated that Chengzu Zhu Xi also likes Go, and often falls national affairs due to Go.Jie Xie was dissatisfied with the ancestor’s indulging chess, and based on the title of “Watching Chess”, he used the many aliases of Go in poetry, and persuaded Ming Chengzu’s behavior. “Seeing the swordsmen of the rotten years, the world’s tears are condensed. The thousands of He Luo is to be renovated. Wu Tu needs to repair it.


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