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Yi Xing: The top ten pairs of the year in 2022 (below) Shen Zhenzheng on the list

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Although it was a year when Chinese Go was difficult to move forward, there were still many Chinese chess players who fought on the front line.Some of them are of great significance, some are full of topics, and some are worthy of fine reviews …

“Yi Xing World” specially selected [2022 Chinese chess players of the Top Ten Matters of the Year]. Looking back at the iconic game and wonderful moments of Chinese chess players in the domestic and foreign chess battles this year.Taoist Taoism, watching chess evaluation.

This issue brings you the top ten of the 2022 Chinese players’ annual pairs (below)

The ranking of the following match is regardless of the ranking.

Sailing Bing will win Yangmei and exhale

The 27th LG Cup semi -final

Yang Dingxin Nine Section VS Shenzhen 谞 Nine Section

At this time, Shen Zhenyu has completed a 24 -game winning streak against the Chinese players in the World Championship. Xiao Shen seems to be the “nightmare” of Chinese chess players.But our chess players did not sit still, but kept waiting for the opportunity to overthrow Xiao Shen’s rule in one fell swoop.In the 27th LG Cup semi -final, the front foot had just killed Xiao Shen’s army in the “Sad soldier” of Yang Dingxin, who was in the top eight of the Samsung Cup, and was not optimistic before the game.

Wonderful moment:

Yang Dingxin, the bureau, is holding white.At this time, White is slightly excellent, but the situation is still anxious, and any subtle loss or concession may make the situation reverse.

When Bai 194 returned, Black was seriously misustering, and the soil was squeezed in 195, thinking that White would always stick to A.As a result, Bai 196 seized the opportunity to rush into the black sky. At this time, Black Ru was broken in A, and White would post it in the B position above.After the White 196, the black trend had gone, and Yang Dingxin finally won the bureau steadily.

Yang Dingxin used the victory of this bureau to end the 24 -game winning streak of the Chinese players in the World Championship. While completing the self -salvation, it also crushed the “Mind Demon” that plagued the Chinese chess player.The player’s most frowned.

Rules of Nongxinqi Bureau Rules Disputes

The 6th of the 24th Nongxin Cup World Group Tournament 6th

V v nine sections vs Jiang Dongrun nine paragraphs

At this year’s Nongxin Cup, South Korean deputy general Jiang Dongrun played well. Lian Ke Fan Tingyu nine sections and Zhiye Tiger pills nine sections, and then he ushered in the challenge of the Chinese deputy general, Kajiajia, nine paragraphs.The situation of this bureau has been very anxious. The battle between the black and white sides continues to spread. The black Jiaye has the opportunity to gain an advantage.The initiative of the situation.

Wonderful moment:

In the face of the danger of the danger, Jian Jiayu quickly made adjustments, and used clever ideas to make the chess game formed an extremely rare situation of the “four calamity cycles”.”Chess Saint” Nie Weiping said, “I have been playing Go for 60 years, and I have seen such a strange shape for the first time.”

Because this kind of chess example is too rare, it has caused chess players to judge “big discussions” on this situation.But in the end, because the Nongxin Cup adopted the Korean rules, the South Korean referee used the results of the game for about 40 minutes.

“Xuan Art Intelligence” hangs Xiao Shen

The 14th Chunlan Cup semi -final

Li Xuanhao Nine Section VS Shen Zhenji Nine Section

The best Chinese chess player in 2022 is Li Xuanhao.In the semi -final of the Chunlan Cup at the end of the year, Li Xuanhao and Shen Zhenzhen, who performed the best performance in China and South Korea, met the road narrowed.Whether Li Xuanhao, who kills the Quartet in the domestic arena, can achieve breakthroughs in international competitions has also become the focus of national chess fans.

Wonderful moment:

Li Xuanhao in this bureau is blank, and the first forty hands are divided into autumn colors in the first forty hands.

A “hanging” like a “hanging” outside the 44th day is stunning, which not only guards the signs at the A, but also threatens the △ two sons above Black, and indirectly supports the one -horn of the B position.The style of red hands “.

The “Xuan Art Intelligence” of this bureau hung Xiao Shen throughout the process, allowing Xiao Shen to gain a complete defeat.With this victory, Li Xuanhao broke into the finals of the Chunlan Cup and refreshed his best results in the world competition.A storm after the bureau filled the victory of the bureau, which caused the biggest “earthquake” in the Chinese chess world this year.

Queen Cui Jing creation history

The 27th Samsung Cup semi -final

Cui Jing Jiu Duan VS Bian Xiang Yiji Section

In the 27th Samsung Cup, the Korean women’s chess player Cui Jingzhan showed an excellent state, winning Sagida Takshi, Yili Liao and Yang Dingxin, and strongly broke into the semi -finals.The best results in the world competition.In the semi -finals, Cui Jing faced the fellow compatriots.Whether Cui Jing can create history has also become the focus of attention in the world’s chess world.

Wonderful moment:

Cui Jing, the bureau, is black.White had a lot of chess on the right, and it was quite impressive. Black immediately launched a fierce attack on the Dalong of White, and the situation in the White Kohs was already at stake.The current situation is that White has tried to fight against Black on the right, and Black will make White succeed.

When the White 92 threatened to the right side of Black, Cui Jing did not work directly. Instead, the next 93rd was a little wonderful. When this came out, White had to stop it, because Black 93 caused White △ a few sons Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi’s Qi Zi Zi’s Qi Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi Zi QueTight, there is no worry about death on the right side, and he hunted against the Central White Dragon in 95.

Later, Cui Jing slaughtered the dragon violently in the central government, and Xiang Xiangyi became violently self -harm. The left hand and cheeks kept colliding with crisp notes. The two sides co -created the “famous scene” of the world chess scene.Cui Jing has since become the first female chess player to enter the men’s World Contest.Xiao Shen can let the world first

23rd Nongxin Cup No. 13

Ke Jie Nine Section VS Shen Zhenji Nine Section

In the first two stages of the 23rd Nongxin Cup, the South Korean team performed poorly. When Xiao Shen developed, there were two generals in China and Japan.However, Shen Zhenxuan, who was ordered in danger, once again demonstrated his role as a god -like needle. He defeated the nine sections of Yu Yuting and Yu Zhengqi, and directly killed the Chinese leader Ke Jie’s nine paragraphs.The collision is attracted.

Wonderful moment:

Ke Jie, this bureau, is hacked.At this time, it is a situation where Black has difficulty stating. Whether White can successfully deal with the four sons of the Central Committee will become the last suspense of the bureau.

White 108 flying, very light hand.While strengthening its own chess shape, it also threatens the thin taste above Black, and can dispatch the A position at any time to make Black offensive and defensive, which is very uncomfortable.

From the beginning to the end, the Shen Zhenzheng Bureau has not given Ke Jie obvious opportunities. Because of the failure of this bureau, the Chinese team has also been “bottomed” at the Nongxin Cup for the first time in 16 years.After the game, Ke Jie exclaimed, “The small truth is too strong”, “The level of Xiao Shen can already make the world first.”Failure is not terrible. What is terrible is the despair of almost suffocating.May Ke Jie regain confidence and set off in 2023 with a new look.

It has passed in 2022, and many things happened in the Go industry of this year. We witnessed the trough of Chinese Go and witnessed the redemption of Chinese Go.After experiencing disappointment, you can feel the precious hope.

Do yourself and move forward bravely.2023, let’s set off together!

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