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Yang Xu: Two mistakes lead to the loss of Shenhua team must summarize

In the 26th round of the Super League, Shanghai Shenhua lost to Jinmen Tiger 1-2.After the game, Yang Xu, who scored a goal, accepted an interview.

Yang Xu: The performance is a bit tight, and the team also kicked out what they want, but the game is like this. If your mistakes are caught by your opponent, the game will lose.In fact, it is more as a whole. The striker scoring less is the responsibility of the striker, but we are more general. We must summarize after losing the game.Although we are in the Chinese class, our opponents have 4 foreign aids, but in a fair and reasonable rule, we need to summarize ourselves. We do not need to summarize others. We must ensure that these two similar ball loss should not appear again.

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  1. Finally scored, it is not easy

  2. Wu Dao Wuqiao, half of the national foot kicked, it should be finished.

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