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Yang: Ou Chao is just the outbreak of Manchester United fans. They have a long history of their contradictions with the Graed family

Ashley Yang expressed his opinion on the protests held in Old Traford last weekend. He insisted that Manchester United fans’ anger for the Graizer family “traced back many years ago.”

On Sunday, Manchester United’s home game against Liverpool was finally postponed. The reason was that a large number of fans gathered outside the Old Trafford Stadium and protested to the club’s American boss because they participated in the controversial European Super League plan.

Some questioned fans even managed to break into the stadium and occupy the court, while others took their protests to the Loury Hotel where the players stayed. Out of security reasons, the Premier Super League finally decided to cancel the double red party.

The former England national foot produced by the Waterford Youth Training played for the Red Devils during 2011-2020. In his opinion, the European Super League plan is only the key point for the contradiction between extreme fans and the Graed family. There have been some changes in the current board of the club.

“Many people say that this is because of the Super League, but I know Manchester United’s fans. This is not the only reason,” the former Manchester United star told Sky Sports.

“This is a matter of many years. Fans want to prove their point. Obviously, you don’t want to see the protests becoming violent. You only want to see (boss) realize that there are protests. The anger of what happened. “

“It is wrong to see violence in the game, but fans want to protest, and they want to let their voice be heard.”

“I don’t think I will publish too many comments on this, but for the bosses, they may see what fans are saying, they will see the anger of fans, they will see how sad they are.”

“Manchester United fans have been asking for changes for a long time, so we may see changes or not. I think there are many things to be resolved in the football industry. This is one of them.”

Inter Milan is also one of the 12 initial clubs participating in the European Super League. However, after being strongly criticized by the media, they followed the practice of six Premier League clubs and chose to withdraw from this event.

Ashley Yang said that no one supported the proposal in the Blue and Black Army because they tried to concentrate on winning the first Serie A champion of the club for 11 years, and they finally completed the task on Sunday.

“We don’t want to kick this event, that’s it.” He said. “For me, this is impossible.”

“For us as a player, we just focus on the coming competition. We need to continue to win the game. We must compete for the league championship.”

“No matter what the bosses do, no matter who they are, we will let them deal with it. We only pay attention to what happened on the court.”

In 2011, Manchester United spent 17 million pounds from Aston Vera to Ashley Yang. He participated in 261 games for the club, scored 19 goals, and sent 43 assists.

The former England National Foot helped the Red Devils a total of 5 championship trophy, including the Premier League, FA Cup and the UEFA Cup champion. Before joining Inter Milan last year, he also served as the captain of this Premier League giant for a while for a period of time. Essence

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