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Yang Kuan: I am very happy to win the championship and hope to make an example for my students

On November 17th, the 11th Chen Yi Cup National Amateur Go Finals played in Shanghai Yingshi Building; in the end, Yang Kuan defeated Pan Wenjun 2-1 and won the championship of this competition. After the game, Yang Kuan was interviewed by reporters:

Reporter: Simply reconnect this final.

Yang Kuan: In this game, I felt that when I was in the second game, there was a lot of fluctuations in my heart, and I lost because I made a mistake. Then the third set of night did not sleep well at night, tossing around. In the last game, after I came out in the middle, I felt that my situation was not bad. Although I finally made a more funny spoon, I finally thought that I would win.

Reporter: Talk about the feelings of getting the championship

Yang Kuan: I feel very happy anyway. Because my best friends are all professional chess players, and then more than a month before the final, I would practice with me every day, thank them very much. Because I gave up the professional chess player and came back to the (Go) school, I also thank my students.

Reporter: How long have you learned chess?

Yang Kuan: At the age of 6, the semester is starting. If you enter the Taoist field, you have been studying at the age of 11, and it has been 12 years.

Reporter: Do you have any feelings through Go?

Yang Kuan: Go is a very good project. Although sometimes it is painful to lose chess, it does not hinder my love for a lifetime.

Reporter: Have you ever participated in the Chen Yi Cup before?

Yang Kuan: I participated before, but every time I was a round of tour.

Reporter: After getting the championship, what plan will there be?

Yang Kuan: I think this time I have also made an example for those students who have been; because my opponents have been worse than me all the way, I am more lucky anyway; then thank you opponents.

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