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Yang Kaiwen: Life is simple and regular to help chess rising AI open ideas

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Reporter Xie Rui reported that Yang Kaiwen’s nine paragraphs were defeated in the challenger of this big chess game, but this is the best result in other domestic big titles. After the seventh paragraph of the star Wang Xinghao, the star of the hope of the hope, rose from the eight sections to the nine sections. Since the implementation of the new points of the integral promotion, after the implementation of the integrity system, after the nine sections of laughter, Tao Xinran, Xu Jiayang, Li Weiqing, Ding Hao, Li Xuanhao, and Huang Yunsong, the eighth section of the eighth place rose to the nine sections.

Yang Kaiwen was in good condition in 2022. In the Weifu Fang Cup, Ahan · Tongshan Cup, Big Chess Championship and other competitions, he defeated Ding Hao’s nine sections, Xu Jiayang nine sections, Xie Kejiu, Li Weiqing nine sections, and Yang Dingxin. For the first time, he reached the opening of Weifang’s opening final, Ahan · Tongshan Cup and the final battle for the game. In October, the scores increased by 19.5 points, ranking six seats, and currently ranked 20th.

In this big chess game, Yang Kaiwen won the nine sections of Li Weiqing and Yang Dingxin to advance to the quarterfinals, and transferred to the top eight battles in Baoan, Shenzhen to eliminate the “first person” Ke Jie’s nine paragraphs, and then defeated hope of hope. Star Wang Xinghao seven sections, scored the challenger to decide the battle. Following the opening of the Weifu room at the beginning of the year, he and Yu Yuting met again in the finals.

The daily competition is scheduled to start at 12:30 noon. At about 12 o’clock, Yang Kaiwen went to the restaurant to eat buffet. After just eating a small bowl of noodles, he hurried away. Ask him why he only eats that, whether the fierce competition in the afternoon can be carried. He replied that eating too much is easy to be dizzy, and eating less to ensure that his brain is sober.

During this time, there were few competitions, asking him how he kept his state, flying against the trend, breaking through the achievements that had never been broken before. Yang Kaiwen said that he now stays at the Hangzhou Chess Academy with peace of mind, where the training environment is quite good. During the day, he and the young chess players in Hangzhou Chess Academy trained to participate in various cycle games. In the evening, he studied the chess game he had under the day with AI. Life is simple and regular, and the chess power does not fall.

“AI helps very big, mainly because AI can broaden people’s ideas, and the understanding of Go is different from the past.” Yang Kaiwen’s statement is exactly the same as Li Xuanhao, who is the best state in the first half of the year, Li Xuanhao seized Luzhou in Lianzhou. After the champion of the Chao Cup and Wang Zhongwang, he said that he insisted on playing chess every day. When there was no game, he used the “unique art” to watch chess for 5 or 6 hours every day. The idea was wider than before.

Professional masters are deep. Just like high -end cars, the speed and slow travel depends on the choice of direction. Once the idea is opened, it is like inserting invisible wings, crossing obstacles, and surpassing peers. Whether it is Yang Kaiwen today, or the previous Li Xuanhao and Xinrui Jin Yuyu, they mentioned the secret of the rapid progress of chess skills and mentioned AI in the same way, which is by no means accidental.

In 1997, Yang Kai was the same age as Ke Jie and Bian Xiang, but compared with the latter two, he took off his age. Nowadays, not only the post -95s chess players, but even the post -00s players have anxiety about the promising future, because many opportunities are delayed, and the advantages of age are gradually lost. However, as Li Xuanhao said, in the past two years, his expectations for himself have not been so high, his mentality has calmed down, and he has achieved results.

Whenever you have to calm your mindset, and then wait for the flowers. Li Xuanhao was like this half a year ago, as is Yang Kaiwen today.

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