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Yan Junling: I am optimistic about the goalkeeper style of the two teams in Brazil.

In an interview with the Oriental Sports Daily, the Shanghai Harbor goalkeeper Yan Junling talked about the outlook on the World Cup.

Yan Junling said: “As a person, I will pay more attention to Belgium and Brazil. Because of my special location, I also look at the World Cup with a mentality of learning. Belgium Kuruva and Alleyon in Brazil (Of course, Brazil may also be Edson). These two goalkeepers have always been preferred by me, which is a bit like my style, so I look at the mentality of learning. “

“Through such a World Cup, some new players and requirements of goalkeepers and players in each game can learn a lot of things from it, including the playoffs before, because the World Cup is the most important game in all countries. Sometimes some competitionsI can’t see it, I can only see the collection, but I will watch the whole game Brazil and Belgium. “

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