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Xun Zhikang: Wu Lei also needs two or three games to find Oscar and want to play

On January 5th, Beijing time, the first round of the FA Cup Cup, Shanghai Harbor 4-0 Chengdu Rongcheng.After the game, the acting head coach of the Shanghai Harbor Team attended the press conference.

Xun Zhikang said: “In the first game in the new year, it successfully won the first round and laid the foundation for the successful promotion. Chengdu played very tenacious and the defense was very good, adding a lot of trouble to us. Thirty minutes before the game.The key to the competition is to grasp the opportunity. After grasping, the game is simple. The next job, to allow the team members who recovery the injury to the state as soon as possible, and then our cards are more. Thank you fans for coming to Suzhou to cheer for us.”

“We mainly rely on the overall, and the overall play, Caron will play it. Next, Caron is a major breakthrough point in our team. The former coach gave him short time, and his state is unstable. NowGive him enough time, hoping that he can play a better level in the final. “

“We sought Wu Lei’s opinion before the start of the game. He said that he could play for about 30 minutes. We arranged him to find a state. He had to reach the best state at least two or three games. Next, how did he recover?”,”

“Today, Oscar also wants to play, but we have no bottom. In case his training was abnormal before, it was prone to injury, and the cost was great. Later, we looked at his state through training.Case.”

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  1. I have no systematic training for such a long time, I ca n’t kick it. The 15th is enough for them.

  2. I only pay attention to what time I will play for one -half.

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    CQZCanghaidescription 1月 6, 2023 at 2:48 上午

    The next game can let Oscar come to warm up.

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