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Xu Zhengyuan: Rongcheng is a humble team wants to become a model model for the Super League

Reporter Lumi reported that in the eyes of many people, Xu Zhengyuan was a magical coach.He smiled slightly on the surface, but he hid a “knife” in the smile. When he sworded down, the two Super Leaders fell down.Even more magical is that Chengdu Rongcheng’s promotion horse, the last 16 rounds of the league remained undefeated, the first Chinese Super League season ended the final season.

Xu Zhengyuan’s biggest ability is not the results of leading the team, but to allow a group of seemingly ordinary players to burst out their hidden energy.How many times, under the dressing room, the team completed the backwind in the second half.What kind of story is behind this Korean Confucian handsome?Where is the secret of the Chengdu team in the 2022 season?When Xu Zhengyuan was interviewed this time, he fully made the bottom.

◆ “Football”: After the season, you have communicated with the group leaders. What kind of summary did they make the situation of your team this season?

Xu Zhengyuan: The group leaders are relatively satisfied with our performance throughout the season, but as the head coach, I am not 100 % satisfied.In general, my most satisfied is my player. After a year of the Super League, they have changed a lot, whether in the competition or training.At the end of the season, even if many teams had accidents, we still insisted on playing this season. This is the most satisfied.

◆ The team’s first Chinese Super League season ended smoothly. Looking back, what kind of first experience do you think the team has experienced?

For us, this is a difficult season.First, our promotion from the second league was the first season of our team’s history of the history of our team.Second, we do not have a special big -name star, and many players have no experience in the Super League.Because of lack of experience, we feel very difficult at the beginning of the league.When I started 6 draws and 2 losses, what I saw was the active side of the team.I know that the team’s overall combat strength is not bad. Although the start of the start is not good, I have always been confident in the team.

◆ This season, will you finally get the fifth league ranking, is it satisfied with you?

To be honest, we didn’t expect to get this result at first.I only have one requirement for the players in each game, that is, go all out.As a result, at the end of the season, we found that we were already fifth in the Super League.In fact, the coaching team did not emphasize what kind of goals or heights must be achieved with the players. We just let them do their best every game.The final results, I think it is the return of those members who have paid hard work in training and fighting to the last player on the court.

◆ As a promotion horse, your original goal is to relegate, but later he became more and more smooth, and finally gave the finals perfectly.Have you ever thought about the reason why you can always be undefeated in the final stage?

Well, I want to give my players’ loud applause. All the players have made a lot of efforts in the process. It is their efforts that make us undefeated in the last 16 games.At this stage, I saw a lot of changes from all the players, especially physical fitness.Compared with other teams, I still have more confidence in our physical fitness. This is mainly due to the usual training and the rhythm training as fast as the game.

We did not perform well before, which was caused by various reasons, but we were also changing a little bit of training to let the players show them on the court, or they bravely showed things that they dare not show.After a whole season of hard training, we can see their changes.I always emphasize with the team members that competitive sports will not lie. How much sweat you pay, how much you can get in the end.I believe that in the end our performance will make them feel worth it.

◆ You took over this team during the Chinese A period. Now that you have experienced one year of Super League, what do you feel that your team has always insisted on?

We have always insisted on doing one thing, to let the outside world see that we are a very humble team.I have always asked the team members, what is the real professional player?I told them that when we win or win, everyone will be proud and feel full of happiness.Then on the day of winning the competition, everyone can enjoy this sense of happiness.But after this day, everyone must prepare for the next game to think about how the next game is better.This is the real professional player, and my requirement for each player.Throughout the season, the team has always maintained a humble attitude regardless of our good results.This is also one of the important reasons for us to obtain unbeaten for a long time.

◆ In the final stage of the league, especially when many teams have retired from the epidemic or sent the youth troops to fight the quality of the league, why did the Chengdu team insist on rushing to rush?

This problem is important.I told the team members before that there must be fans and audiences in professional football so that our team can survive.I want my team to be the model and example of the Chinese Super League team.I don’t want the team members to have a waste of time, fighting, and unreasonable grass in the game.These are all bad habits, but they are actually one of the reasons why Chinese football has slowed down in recent years.If we do this, the fans will be particularly disappointed.We want to play real football. If we can play such football, fans can know that this is the real football, and they will explode their passion on the audience.I think this is also a must -have stage for our team to grow.When many teams gave up the last game, our fans came to the scene to cheer for us and gave the team a positive signal.They have also seen that we have been struggling to compete for the last AFC Champions League playoffs.To say a little bigger, if the Chengdu team can change, can we affect Chinese professional football?I think we can change Chinese football.So not only this season, we will also adhere to our principles in the new season.

◆ At home games with the three town games, I have a lot of fans on the stands. I saw you standing in the venue for a while before the game. What did it feel at the time?

I believe you also know that there are many problems in Chinese football, and there are some worrying parts.But when I was standing by the stadium that day, I felt that Chinese football was hopeful, and I think Chinese football can develop well. I also believe that Chinese football can return to the Asian scenery.

I have come to China for two years and have always said that many players in China have potential. As long as you go well and cultivate them, Chinese football can also be strong and can become the Asian strong team.I told the team members that many fans came to cheer for us. How can the players show the gesture of giving up on the court?We can’t be lazy, and we need to use sweat to interpret real football.If all Chinese Super League teams and every Chinese professional football player can do this, I believe that Chinese football will have hope.

◆ “Football”: At the beginning of the season, the team failed to win for a long time. Some players said that the Super League is too difficult. In your opinion, is it difficult for the Super League?

Xu Zhengyuan: Actually, I woke up to the players at the beginning. We played the Super League for the first time, and there were not so many experience.In addition, we did lack a lot of confidence at that time.Of course, I think things in the world cannot always be in one situation.

It takes time to build a team.Including at the beginning of the season, I also told you that in the process, we need to help the players find self -confidence and accumulation experience in the process.At first we have experienced 2 losses and 6 draws. This process is frustrated, but I emphasize that at this time we must have a strong spiritual power.Although some games have not won, there is no problem with our competitive strength. I need to maintain confidence in the game and not be afraid of mistakes.I hope to encourage players to give them more confidence.

If you do n’t mention 2 consecutive defeats first, we will say that 6 consecutive flats. If we do n’t insist on winning the draw, but lose the game, then the game will be difficult to play later.As long as we can cross this hurdle, I firmly believe that we will usher in the upward trend.Of course, as I thought, as I thought, until the end of the season, the content of the game we kicked was very good.I think this will be the precious wealth that all players get in their careers.

◆ I remember that there were some doubts about you at the time, but the club meeting affirmed your leading team. Where is the club’s starting point for your trust?

Trust stems from communication, and the leaders of our group and me often communicate.The group leaders and club leaders love this furniture music department and team. After I came to this team, I could fully feel the trust of the leader’s trust in me, especially after the successful overtaking, the trust was doubled.At the beginning of the Chinese Super League, I couldn’t win the ball, and the senior management also gave me a lot of trust, so that I don’t want to see or voices in the unexpected world.During that time, I had no disturbance because I had a lot of experience.Each team will have ups and downs. At this time, the group not only trusts me, but also trusts all of our team members. In the end, the fifth result of the Chinese Super League is the return of our group leaders, the return of our investors, or repaying the repayment.EssenceCompared to language, I think it is better to repay with the results in the end.

◆ In your opinion, this team can always reverse the situation in difficulties, and repeatedly staged a good scene of killing and making surprises?

Everyone can have their own ideas, but it is useless to think.For example, we have many fans at home to the scene. We want to perform better in front of the fans, but this is not something that can be done alone.If you can’t do it from the beginning of training, you may not be able to succeed in the end.Therefore, I often tell the team members that don’t just have beautiful ideas, no matter how beautiful the ideas are, it must be achieved through the most basic training accumulation.After good physical fitness, there will be confidence on the field. If you have confidence, you will not give up on the field, and even in the end you can defeat.

In the first half of the game, we may be behind a goal, or even two goals. I told the team members that the second half is a new start. We still have 45 minutes. As long as we do not give up in the second half, we can get a better result.Of course, I am also willing to talk about “luck”, and luck will always only care for those who are willing to work hard and sweat.When I rest in the midfield, I often say that, how much I usually pay, how much will I get on the court.This is the fundamental reason why we always scored the winning ball at the last moment or even defeat.◆ The team played the role of “leader killer” this season. The three towns were killed and defeated Shandong Taishan. The reason is the “luck” you just said, or is it an inevitable result of the team’s rising momentum?

I will share my experience with the team members, that is, how many preparations for the players can accumulate self -confidence, which is very important for athletes.Facing a strong team like Shandong, Harbor, and three towns, I will emphasize with the players before the game that your training volume must be more than your opponent. I believe you, you must also keep confident, do not fear your opponents, you and them and themThe same, all professional athletes.You have made so many efforts and paid so much sweat, why are you afraid?It is precisely because our team members have enough confidence that we can play well. This is the most important reason we can win the strong team.

◆ “Football”: Bring a team that seems to be the civilian army to such a height. Many media think that you are the stronger competitors of the best coach in the season. Have you ever thought about competition?

Xu Zhengyuan: I personally never thought about this honor. I came to China. If I can work hard with myself, I can help Chinese football, I really feel that I am very satisfied.Including me to bring the Chengdu team, I also hope that players can make progress throughout the season and let their career develop. This is what I want to do.

I am very happy to be affirmed by everyone. Of course, we will continue to maintain a humble attitude, continue to make our own contributions to Chinese football, and continue to care about and focus on the development of Chinese football. In the process, we also strive to bring the Chengdu team to a one to a oneHigher height.

◆ Many players seem to be able to stimulate the potential you have never had here here. Do you see the progress you see in them?

Of course I am very happy.Not only in China, there are many cases before, that is, many members of the downturn have been reborn.Discovering the potential of the players, I think this is a very important job of the coach.For example, Jonathan, who returned to Brazil for a season in South Korea, almost gave up professional football. I tried to bring him back to Mizuga Samsung, and then he completed a very successful season.There is also a J -League player who went to Europe to be frustrated. After coming to my team, I also worked hard to return to the top Japanese league.

In our team, there are many surprises this season, such as young players such as Magufu and Hu Hetao.They learned a lot, improved quickly, and were selected as the national team of the same age.Like Felipe, I also know him very well. He is quite good, but this season’s injury is troubled, which makes him psychologically fear.At this time, the coaches and players gave him a lot of comfort to help him re -establish self -confidence, and then let him find the feeling through training and competitions, and ushered in the outbreak.

◆ Speaking of Mu Talifu and Hu Hutao, at the beginning, did you determine whether they had taken some risks?How many points do you play this season?

I want to give them a high score.Bringing young players to the first team is the most important thing to discover their potential and let them develop good training and competition habits. This is also a compulsory course for coaches.Give them self -confidence in the process, because when they are very young, they grow very fast and have strong learning ability.At this time, if they let them go directly to the game, they may not be able to play the game, and the coach needs to be patient.They grow fast at Mu Tower and Hu Hetao, and they need to have better management for them, so that they realize the importance of occupations.I believe that they can become a wealth of Chinese professional football in the future.

◆ The impression you presented to everyone is a gentle and elegant image of Confucianism, but I heard that the midfielder with the Guangzhou City game before, you are angry in the locker room. What kind of situation will you angry at the players?

If the players do not do well, then I must say, because we have our own rules and regulations.Sometimes the situation on the court is particularly good, and some players will show a strange attitude and atmosphere.At that time, I told the team members, you are not a star, right?You must play your ball seriously and humblely, don’t always think about showing something on the court, or ignore your opponent, this is what I can’t bear.At this time, we must knock them alarm bell, remove bad things, do not play the ball arrogantly, respect football and opponents, so that they can kick their football well.

The team cooperation is greater than everything. You can sacrifice yourself for the team, but you can’t sacrifice the entire team for yourself. I told everyone this view.At that time, I told you this when I was resting, so when the second half, they would change significantly.In the year, such a situation will occur more or less. I need to knock on them often to make them realize the seriousness of the matter.◆ Coaching such a team, in the Super League, has such a coaching experience. What kind of role will you play in your long coaching career?

The experience of coaching in China in recent years is very valuable to me, which is equivalent to greeting a new exam in a new environment, and it is also my new challenge for my coaching career.Last year, I learned a lot. As a coach, there is no gap in life, and I have to challenge to learn and create.After the end of each season, I go to Europe to study.Because Europe is the most advanced place in the world.World football is changing every day. I will go to see their games, learn advanced football concepts, and then give a new idea of us in 2023.

◆ “Football”: Where do you plan to go this year and whom do you meet?Share with us the next trip.

Xu Zhengyuan: I want to go to Frankfurt to see the head coach of Frankfurt. We used to be teammates. The relationship has always been good. I will eat and chat with him.Then I will go to countries around Germany to see their league including team training and so on.

◆ This season, I have interviewed many Chengdu team players, and they have a high evaluation of you.In your opinion, are you and these players accompanied by each other?

I think it is a mutual trust relationship. The head coach must completely trust the players under their hands, and the team members must fully believe in the coaching group.If there is no gap between the coaches, players, and staff, this team is very powerful, which is the fundamental reason for us to overcome difficulties this season.

◆ There are four Korean coaches in the junior high school in the season, but now only you are left. The other three Korean coach are different. For you, what is the most important thing now?

When I came, I also exchanged with the Korean coaches who had previously coached the Chinese Super League, and I also gained a lot of experience from them.There have been many situations in the past year. South Korean coaches have left China for various reasons. I am still sad.Although there is only one of me in Korean coaches in China, I still want to try to present a good appearance in front of everyone.In the long years, how do I help Chinese football and how to help our team grow and the development of players. This is what I think is the most important and work hard.

◆ As a promotion horse, the team has achieved more than many people. Will this starting point a bit high?Will you worry that you can’t reach the same height and disappoint everyone in the new year or even later?

The fifth result is definitely unexpected, and everyone’s vision will definitely be much higher than before.Then there will be more expectations in the new season, so my burden is still relatively large.The most important thing in this year is to make more preparations in the winter training stage. We have not done a good part last year. How do we change this year.Therefore, this year I need to pay more efforts. I also said in advance with the team members to make every effort to prepare and struggle.What kind of results will be made in the end this year, let us wait and see.

◆ In the new year’s league, what aspects of the team need to strengthen and supplement?

The team still needs to reinforce more. Whether it is a line of defense, a midfield or an offensive end, I think it must be changed.First of all, it is definitely necessary to check the leakage and supplementation through winter training, and the second is to introduce new players in a targeted manner.Although there are players who come every year, I still maintain the same mentality. I will give them more opportunities for players who have a serious preparation and training attitude and eager to play the game.From the perspective of coach, I also hope that more diligent players will come to my team in the new season.In this winter preparation period, I will also increase the training intensity and let the players prepare for the new season.

◆ What kind of scene will you hope that the Chinese football and the Chinese league will be on the main and away field in the new season.

The new year is very important for our team. I hope my team has more development.We also know that there are many problems in the Super League in 2022, and many teams have encountered various difficulties.I hope the pain last year will end with the end of 2022.

Like our last three games, I think Chengdu first opened so many fans to enter the field and did a better demonstration role. I hope this can become a new turning point in Chinese football. I also look forward to fans in various regions next year.Come on the team on the spot.

By 2023, I hope that the China Super League will be displayed in front of everyone in a new attitude, just like the coming spring.Chinese football can get recovery.With the opportunity of the re -opening of the main away away, let Chinese football develop new in the new year, and let the world see the appearance of Chinese football.

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