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Xu Zhengyuan: It won’t be lying if you can defeat strong enemies with confidence

On November 21, Beijing time, Chengdu Rongcheng defeated Shandong Taishan 2-1 in the 26th round of the Chinese Super League. After the game, Xu Zhengyuan attended the press conference.

Xu Zhengyuan summarized the competition: Today’s competition is the same as before against the three towns of Wuhan. Many fans are paying attention.In the past two years, our team has changed a lot and has accumulated a lot of confidence.Before the game, I told the players that as long as you keep confidence, you can defeat each other.And I usually told them: “We paid a lot of hard sweat during training, and sweat would not lie.” Today is the day to return them.Our players have changed from the beginning of the season to the present.Recently, our director of the Sports Bureau and the group’s leaders came to the base to visit us and encouraged us.Although there are few rounds of the league, we will still improve the places that do not do well and end this season with a perfect attitude.In the end, I still want to dedicate victory to fans who support us.

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  1. It happened that Ying Luneng fully explained the problem

  2. It is all world waves. It feels better than the World Cup. It is to improve the technology. The Chengdu team has played the level of the Dutch team. The Shandong team is like Senegal.

  3. Without those foreign aids, it ’s useless to be the head coach

  4. Lippi selection players did not say it? Show responsibility!

  5. Talking, the team does not sweat, the two goals are personal ability, the person who shoots is great, and the person who guards the person. The opportunity for the whole team is much worse than others.

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    MakinoWalkDogtoseetheworld 11月 22, 2022 at 2:41 上午

    The player is scattered, and the club waits for death, whoever brings it.

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    MakinoWalkDogtoseetheworld 11月 22, 2022 at 2:41 上午

    Even if Xu Zhengyuan coached the national team, it is estimated that it will make his face. As Karnavaro said: Chinese players (referring to the national team) are not responsible, and the player is not the final say.

  8. I have to say that Koreans have a set of inspiring fighting spirit! [Pouting]

  9. Xu Zhengyuan and Jin Zhongfu are Korean. Whose ability is stronger?

  10. Pull it down because Luneng goalkeeper is too far away!

  11. Yes, Xu Zhengyuan is very good

  12. The self -confidence before the game, if the head coach is swapped, we lead at least 6 points ahead of the three towns.

  13. How much bonus did the three towns receive?

  14. Support

  15. Chengdu! Intersection Great! Intersection

  16. Please take the whip of the national team! I served you!

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