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Xinmin Sports: Can Chinese football change in 2023?

Source: Guan Yin Xinmin Sports

Yesterday, as the Taishan team held the FA Cup, the 2022 season of Chinese football ended.In 2023, China’s football professionalization will officially enter the 30th year.

In the snowy sky in the ancient city of Suzhou, the Shandong Taishan team first lost a goal, and completed the lores 2-1 to reverse the Zhejiang team, becoming the first team in the history of the Chinese Football Association Cup to win three consecutive championships.With the Tyzhan team’s cup, the 2022 season of Chinese football has come to an end.

In many unfavorable factors affecting the next way, 2022 Chinese football is quite difficult.In 2023, China’s football professionalization will officially enter the 30th year.As the old saying, can I change the way of living in the year of Chinese football?

The era of “dark horse” Pentium

For Shandong Taishan, you can naturally enjoy the joy of climbing.After all, this is the first three consecutive championships in the history of the Football Association Cup. At the same time, the Shandong Taishan Club also rely on this championship to achieve the results of 15 championships (league+FA Cup+Super Cup+Chinese Super Cup).The first Dalian Shide and Guangzhou Evergrande became the club with the most “domestic champions” in Chinese football history.

However, the Zhejiang team was able to reach the finals all the way. In the end, only 1 goal was lost to the old strong team Shandong, and he could go home with his chest.As the league’s promotion, the strong rise of the Zhejiang team is also the biggest epitome of Chinese football this season.

From the end of the 2022 season that has ended, among the top 5 teams in the standings, the promoted Malaysia has occupied 3 seats. Only Shandong Taishan and Shanghai Harbor also “barely” have a trace of face.The three towns of Wuhan have historically created the myth of “Kaisus Laudu”. From the Chinese champion of the previous year to become the Super League champion, the Zhejiang team reached the AFC Champions League qualifying.The last 16 rounds of the league remained unbeaten -three -horses made a big deal, and almost overturned the old order of Chinese football in the past ten years.

However, when reappearing the “princes and generals, rather than” applause for these teams, I am afraid that they must be soberly realized that they are not good for personnel and heritage.They are too “strong”, but because those traditional strong teams are too “weak”.If the Guangzhou team can still maintain the glory of the Evergrande era, if the Harbor Oscar Oscar played more than 3 games a season, if Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua, including Hebei and Shenzhen team, can continue the lineup and glory of the past few seasons,The days of these liters should be a lot sad.

When the tide of the golden yuan football retreats, Chinese football is also experiencing pain.As the saying goes, there are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys are called kings. It is not difficult to see that at the overall level, domestic professional clubs today are “not advancing.”Even as long as the team can issue salary bonuses on time and not owe players’ salaries, it can be among the best in the standings. Isn’t it a joke?

In the end, the dark horses are not strong. This year, when I go to the intercontinental field in the AFC Champions League, I can know how many pounds.

Hope to continue

Yesterday, even if Suzhou set off a heavy snow, the temperature fell below zero. For fans of Shandong and Zhejiang teams, there was no trace of enthusiasm for the fans of Shandong and Zhejiang.On the official release of the FA Cup one day before the game, the final tickets have been sold more than 20,000. The major fans of the Zhejiang team organized dozens of buss to Suzhou from various places, and Shandong fans also rushed to the scene in various ways.In the end, 21079 fans watched the FA Cup final on the spot to create a hot enough atmosphere of watching the game.

More than 20,000 audiences have joined forces. In the past three years, it is quite difficult for Chinese football and even Chinese sports.From this point of view, there are still many people’s attention and concern in Chinese football, and the football market is still promising.In fact, starting from the second stage of the league, the Chinese Football Association’s strong force has restored the main and away game system within the same scope, and the home of Chengdu Rongcheng, Wuhan three towns and other places have already presented tens of thousands of people.Compared to most sports projects, either cancel the competition or perfunctory in the competition, the courage of the Football Association is commendable.

At present, the most impact on the Chinese Super League is still funds.The stock reform of several clubs has reached the last moment.Clean up the limited date of arrears, dragging and delaying, but there will always be an end.Survival or death, I believe there will be answers.What can survive should live better.

The sideways of Shenzhou passed by, and Wanmuchun was in front of the sick tree.The dial of time is engraved with 2023. From the opening of A A in 1994, China’s football professionalization has entered the 30th year.Looking back at the past 29 years, there are very few happiness brought by Chinese football to fans, but the expectations of everyone are always as ever.I hope that after the suffering of the past three years, it will gradually enter the normalized Chinese football to get out of the haze and emerge.

Author: Xinmin Evening News reporter Guan Yin

Photo: Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Mingzheng, Xinhua News Agency picture

Edit: Shen Yuzhen

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