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Xinhua News Agency Personnel Viewpoint: Football Unity World!

Xinhua News Agency, Dhaha, November 22 (Reporter Gongbing) In the 90th minute, Belinham made the offensive in the middle, Kalom Wilson broke into the penalty area with a single knife. The celebration of the arm swing.

This is a scene that happened in the first round of the first round of the Qatar World Cup Group B at the first round of the Bitterian team in the Iranian team. The celebration action of Grallish was fulfilling his promise to a small cerebral palsy fan.

The 11 -year -old fans, Fenil, is a fan of Grallish and his Premier League Manchester City. In a letter to Grallish, Finish wrote: “My dream is to meet you and palm with you, because I can’t shook hands. Think about the feeling of seeing the idol in person!”

After a disabled children’s football game held in the Manchester City base, Finilia saw Grallish. Grallish invited Finish to design a goal to celebrate and promise to do this action when he scored next time. And this goal happened to appear in the world’s attention, and fans all over the world saw the warmth of Gralish celebrating the goal.

Both people or disabled people have the right to enjoy the happy football. This is the best footnote of the “Football Unity World” concept advocated by FIFA.

Today, the world is undergoing great changes in a century, geopolitical tension, multiple crises such as grain, energy, and epidemic overlay, and human development is facing major challenges. Reflected in the field of sports, in recent years, international sports events have been greatly reduced, and exchanges between countries (regions) have decreased. In this context, we should use the opportunity of the World Cup to advocate peace, development, cooperation, and win -win, so that unity instead of division, cooperation, and tolerance instead of him. Emotional value orientation is consistent. As the FIFA President Invantino said, “football is not just a sport, its cultural value and influence can make the world unite together.”

The World Cup is a stage for more people through the regional “expansion”. From the initial only in Europe and the Americas, to the first time in Asia in 2002, to the first intimate contact with the African continent in 2010, and then to the World Cup into the Middle East, in terms of local area and the population, the World Cup boosted the help of the World Cup. Football is becoming more global, and in this process, people are united with their love for football as a link.

The World Cup is a stage that can ignite the common value of world fans. Fans can “die” because they like different teams on the court, but they do not prevent them from becoming friends on the court. With the “Tent Hotel”, Iranian, Iran, and Muhammad from the United Kingdom became friends, although the Iranian team supported by the former defeated the latter to the England team supported by the latter. Although the competition is winning or losing, it is not contrary to mutual respect, friendship, and progress together. The sports spirit contained in the World Cup is an important part of the common value of all human beings.

The World Cup is still the carrier of promoting the mutual learning of civilization. The World Cup is the first time to enter the Middle East, and ancient Egypt and Babylon civilization originated in the Middle East. As the first World Cup hosting country in this region, Qatar will show the world and the Middle East through the World Cup to promote the communication and history of the country and the Middle East, and promote the exchange and mutual learning between different civilizations. The World Cup shows not only the speed and strength of the game itself, but also the depth and breadth of human communication.

The Qatar World Cup is in full swing. Here is both Cristiano Ronaldo, who is hoped for the Portuguese team to win the World Cup championship, and Messi, who is currently the first Hercules Cup. They may usher in the rise of the World Cup “Singing” and the “post -00s” represented by Belinsham and Saka, making this World Cup full of tension.

Come on, let us enjoy this World Cup!

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