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Xinhua News Agency: a Japanese boy flying to play football

Xinhua News Agency, Dhaha, November 23 (Reporter Wang Zijiang) The Japanese team reversed the German team on the Qatar World Cup, reminding me of a child I met on the streets of Tokyo not long ago. child. From this child, you may find the reason why the Japanese team defeated the German team.

It was Sunday afternoon, and the street was quiet. The little boy suddenly appeared from a residential building. He looked at a blue jersey at the age of six or seven years old, with a football in his backpack. He ran up as soon as he went out, and his pace was light, and his football swinged on his back. Out of career sensitivity and curiosity, I speeded up the heel. He encountered a red light at the intersection, and there were no people on the road, and there were no cars, but he stood there and waited. As soon as the green light was on, he ran again, and opposite was a long and narrow street. The little boy was like a gust of wind and quickly disappeared at the end of the road.

While waiting for the red light, I turned on my phone and recorded the boy’s back. His thin figure, and the shaking football behind, could not make people feel a lot of emotions. Perhaps he was late in the football class. He was worried that the coach’s criticism must speed up the speed, but from his happy and easy expression, it didn’t seem to be in a hurry. Seeing what he ran on the street, you can sincerely feel the happiness brought by football and the desire for playing football. It seems that he has waited for a long time for this day’s football class.

Of course, there will be a lot of doubts: on the empty streets, parents are rest assured that the child will play alone? Have you finished your family homework? Is there any reporting tuition class?

Not long ago, I interviewed the initiator of the Japanese professional football reform and the former chairman of the Japanese Football Association Kawaka Saburo. He made two suggestions for the development of Chinese football. First of all, Chinese parents must change their minds and let children like to play. Secondly, Chinese football managers should form a national game of all ages and find football talents from an early age.

He said: “Japanese parents will not think that children will not have a good way to play in the future. Give children a dream, both study and participate in physical exercise, and become a person with a good personality. I think China needs to start with this. How important parent sports is to the growth of children. In addition, through national competitions, it can cultivate players to win the strong will of the competition, win the competition one by one, and then represent China to compete with the world’s strong team. “

There are more than 4,000 schools in the Japanese High School Football League participating each year. The final scene can attract nearly 50,000 audiences and more than 40 TV stations across the country. There are more than 60 players who play in major European leagues in Europe, participating in the World Cup seven consecutive times, and finally defeating first -class strong teams such as Germany. There is no doubt that there are countless children who ran to play.

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