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Xie Rui: The pain of Japanese Go in Zhongyi

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Reporter Xie Rui reported that on January 4, the two genius girls in Korea and Japan held the five sections of the five sections and Zhongyi 菫 three sections.End this special chess than 0.

The two players are known as genius girls. Kim Ele, who is under 16 years old, holds the fixed period in 2020. It has risen to five segments only two years.From November to December 2022, the Future Female Emperor’s Female Emperor and Lan Xuexuan Cup were successfully won.In 2022, the number of games against the game was 137, 94 wins and 43 losses, breaking the record record of the annual winning number of the year in 2007 in Muzhen Shuojiu.In the ranking of Korean female chess players, Kim Ele has passed the strong players such as Wu Yizhen’s nine sections and Cao Chengya’s fifth section, and rose to third, second only to Queen Cui Jing Jiu Duan and Jin Caiying seven.

Born in 2009, Zhongyi was specially set through the Japanese Chess Academy’s “British Talent Plan” in 2019. For several years, it has been the most popular cute baby in the Japanese chess industry and has been placed in countless expectations.In 2022, Zhongyi began to outbreak, and successively reached the 33rd female stream celebrities and the seventh Fanxing Cup women’s strongest battle final. Unfortunately, two average contributions were lost, and they lost to Fujisawa Lai Cai and Niu Rongzi.Four stages, failed to achieve a breakthrough in the title of title.

At the end of 2022, Zhong Yizhen also played a strong player in the 26th Female Plusal Battle of Japan in Japan. He eliminated a strong player such as Fujisawa Cai Cai all the way.The decisive battle of Sanfan chess, who challenged Ueno Ai Ai Beauty, will be launched on January 19th, and Zhong Yizhen once again launched a impact on the chess championship.

If Kim Eleng was counted in the internal league of the Professional Chess Club in 2022, its impressive 173 sets of the game, an average of two days of each game. Such a huge amount of pairs made the Chinese and Japanese chess players reach at reach, soHer chess sense is excellent, and partial battle means one after another, just because these numbers are too skilled.Zhongyi 仲 in 2022, the number of games reached 70 sets, and it was already the top of the Japanese players, but most of her participating in the underlying preparations of various chess battles, plus the Japanese chess player’s combat effectiveness was soft.There are not many games.This time, the shortcomings of Zhong Yizhen finally became a defeat.

Zhong Yizhen’s father is also her masterpiece. She devoted her to all her efforts and talents.From the lower right corner, the black control bureau of the Black Toward was perfect since the lower right corner.It is strong, less than a hundred hands, and the winning rate is close to 100 %. It is already difficult to output.

After nearly a hundred hands, the winning rate was almost a straight line. Jin En held various futile attempts on the verge of desperate way.However, what was unexpectedly did not expect that when the end of the end, White had aiming at the black Dragon on the right side in one hand, Zhongyi Yi only needed to return to everything, and she rashly broke the actual combat.When she eats in white, she can abandon a son to keep the dragon steadily.But she seemed to be in evil, and she had to stick to a son, causing the dragon to be broken, and instantly collapsed.

In the second game, the victory and defeat of the first game, and Zhongyi, who was holding the white, was holding the black Dragon and the right dragon on the right side of the right., Dalong passed back all the way, and the situation was lost.Kim Ener took advantage of the attack and took a number of chess and tendons in the middle belly, and there was no suspense.

Zhong Yi’s heel, to put it bluntly, it is also the shortcoming of Japanese Go. The mid -to -mid -to -mid -to -mid -to -the -in -one fighting test is not available.Perhaps, the current training of Zhongyi is a shortcut.

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