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Xie Rui: The most bleak year in the past ten years

According to the Wild Fox Network from the Sports Weekly

The reporter Xie Rui reported that with the end of the Finals and semi -finals of the 14th Chunlan Cup World Professional Go Championship, various world competitions in 2022 have ended.This year is not only the “younger year” of the world competition, but also the bleak year of Chinese Go.

In 1988, the Fujitsu Cup and Yingshi Cup were founded to the establishment of the world in 1996. The world’s chess scenes have experienced the “Sixth Oblock Age of Japan”, “the era of the Cao Li Shi Su”, “Guli Li Shishi Shuangjiao era”,”Ke Jie’s Time”, until today’s “China -Korea confrontation era”.

In the Five Five Fuji Tong Cup, the six super -superiority of the traditional Japanese traditional surge was firmly controlled, and the game of Japanese Go was brilliant.Beginning in 1993, Han Liu appeared until 1996 Lee Chang Hao’s monopoly and the Fujitsu Cup and the Fuji Tong Cup, and then he dominated the Samsung Cup and LG Cup in 1997. The Li Changhao era was established.From 1992 to 2005, Li Changhao won a total of 17 world championships in the nine paragraphs. His master Cao Xunyi did not give up, and he became the nine champions of the world competition.To the dark moment of Go.From 1996 to nearly ten years from 2005, only Yu Bin won the LG Cup championship in 2000 in 2000. Although he did not hide his light in the boundless night, he was weak after all.

In 2006, Guli Nine Section won the LG Cup championship, and the chess world entered the “ancient power, Li Shishi Shuangjiao era”.champion.After the Guli was released, it finally became the eight champions of the World Championship.In the 2009 LG Cup Sanfan Battle in the “Double Pride Age” and the 2011 BC Card Cup Wanfan Qi Qi Battle, the most classic battle. In 2014, Gu Li Shifanqi was the sound of Yu Yun’s tail, which was considered a recognition of their double pride era.

After 2012, the chess scenes rose one after another, like a period of time in the Warring States Period.At that time, Park Tingjiu, the first in South Korea, was originally a leading figure in Li Changhao and Li Shishi. Unfortunately, geniuses are often available. Giants are not often there. Because of the differences in the quality of the winner, Park Tingyu finally failed to become a heir to inherit the second Li Yi bowl.Because of his relatively weakness, Chinese Go ushered in the prosperous scene of the Han and Tang dynasties. In 2013, he won six world championships.Whether it is the number of world competitions or the full attack of Chinese chess players, it is the peak of unlimited memories.

Ke Jie’s nine paragraphs entered the world champion in 2015. In the next five years, he became the eight champions of the World Championship, and he was the best. Until the 00s, Shen Zhenzhang Jiuci broke out after suffering.However, the era of Ke Jie’s life is still the prosperity of the chess world before the AI era, and various events have come one after another and busy; and the era of Shen Zhenyu is not “all birds come from the last days.”The era is no longer.With the rule of Shen Zhenyu, from 2020 to 2022, he was in the same way. If he may have achieved four crowns and five -crowns in one year a year ago.

The World Championships that decided in 2022 are Samsung Cup and LG Cup; the group competition is only insisting on the Nongxin Cup.At the beginning of the LG Cup final, Shen Zhenzheng won Yang Dingxin 2-0 and won the championship second; November, Samsung Cup final, Shen Zhenzhen won 2-0 and Cui Jing, crowned for the first time.This year’s finals winning rate is as high as 100 %, but there are only two events for him to show his talents.

Although the Chinese chess player first suppressed and then Yang, he played in the LG Cup and Chunlan Cup at the end of the year, but the championship was in the coming year.2022, it is destined to be a bleak year.

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  1. If it is proven to cheat in the world, then Chinese Go is really bleak!

  2. Guli is really powerful, but the gap with Li Shishi is still a bit big. It cannot be called it

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