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Xie Libin: Losing in the rhythm must defeat yourself in the heart

On December 8th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of the CBA regular season, Beijing Shougang 74-91 lost to the old opponent Guangdong team.After the game, the head coach of the Beijing team Xie Libin summarized the reason why the team lost.

“I think this game is still lost in the rhythm control. The team is playing with the rhythm of the Guangdong team. The rhythm of the game is not the rhythm we like or the rhythm we are good at.Error mistakes. (Phase 2) In the first game, whether in the preparation or competitive state, I hope everyone can adjust it as soon as possible. “Xie Libin said.

Speaking of up to 26 mistakes in the team, Xie Libin said: “Everyone is also ready to find the tactics of the audience, how to respond, and how to do it, but I think it is like in the lounge, including these two, these twoIt is still a confidence and courage to communicate with the team members. When we played the game with Guangdong in previous years, the opponent’s entire audience really threatened us, but we mainly psychologically, in terms of confidence,To defeat yourself from the heart. “

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  1. CCTV5 is rich and willful.After class

  2. Beizhao

  3. The Beijing team bought and bought, keen to accumulate the interior, now all three towers and four towers. What a tactical tactics, where are your tactics?In the era of not tax [Yun Bei]

  4. Win a ball, it will be awesome

  5. 不 CBA level is so low?CCTV5 will not live in CBA!

  6. CCTV5 Wish Wish Put the World Cup video is also unwilling to broadcast CBA competitions. What competition do you play in CBA?

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    Commentary: Psychological shadows have been given.

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    springlightisbright2424 12月 9, 2022 at 2:13 上午

    The Guangdong team in the dilemma of the small investment can easily defeat the strong Beijing team with a strong team.

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