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Xie Libin calls Viliva: He is willing to have a chemical reaction with the team

On December 25th, Beijing time, the 18th round of the CBA regular season, Beijing Shougang team 85-83 won the Sichuan team.

Shougang’s new foreign aid Nick Johnson’s performance is still warm. He scored 3 of 6 points and scored 7 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 3 steals.

After the game, the head coach of Shougang team Xie Libin also talked about the problem of the team’s foreign aid this season.”The standard of the team this season is three foreign aids, unlike four last year. After finding some foreign aid, some of them did not come, and Nick came late. After the first stage, the club sent various players to recommend each playerFinally, I think that Gibson’s shooting on the outside can help the team. His cooperation with the team is more familiar with the tacit understanding. From time to time, he will take a shortcut.After changing, he needs to speed up adaptation. “

Gibson did not play in this game. Xie Libin explained: “Indeed, he did not train. This game originally wanted him to play in the second half. But our attitude is not normal in this field.The characteristics of technical tactics and players are not familiar with training, so it is not available. “

Speaking of the inside combination of Liff and Fan Ziming, Xie Libin said: “The two of them are matched in the second stage. In the case of Li Muhao’s injuries, Tarick and Xiaofan’s appearance time is gradually increasing. Liffe is a very very very very very very very.Foreign aids willing to have chemical reactions with the team are not just as Xiao Fan, but also the same as all defender and striker. He can help the team and teammates. “

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  1. One hand, the coach almost moved out of the chemical reaction to pressing your deadly chemistry, and the old pressure also ran away

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