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Xie Hui: We will have a pure football for tomorrow

On December 30, the 34th round of the Super League, Dalian people played against the Chengdu Rongcheng team. The head coach Xie Hui and player Wang Xianjun attended the press conference.

Speaking of the preparation situation, Xie Hui: First of all, he was very happy to come to Chengdu, and he hasn’t come for a long time.It is our honor to dedicate a pure football in front of tens of thousands of fans tomorrow.We attach great importance to this game. Although more than half of the main players have failed to recover because of the condition, we will do our best.

After supplementing the U19 players, some players have recovered, and more players will participate in the last game.We will have the beginning and end. In such a good field, in such a good atmosphere, the original intention of returning to football will dedicate a wonderful game for everyone.

Wang Xianjun: For me, this is a special season.First of all, thank you for helping me, thank you for your support for us for a year. We hope that tomorrow we can use a victory for a perfect end to this season. We will return to home with the fans next year.

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  1. Pressing, the continuation of Lao Xu forced to siege

  2. I care about the three towns and Dalian people, Chengdu, Cangzhou, and Taishan.

  3. Thank you Hui Hui, you are a man, a Chinese man!

  4. Chengdu Rongcheng and Nantong Zhiyun!Have a blog!

  5. Dedication of the purest fake ball

  6. will hit

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