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Xie Hui: Each kick half a game is obvious compared to the first round.

In the 26th round of the 2022 Super League, the Dalian team 1-1 Cangzhou Lion.After the game, the head coach of Dalian people Xie Hui attended the press conference.

Xie Hui: The two sides should have played a half -time goal. In the first half, the opponent gave us a lot of pressure. Long -distance trek and dense schedule every three days did have a great impact on us.Through some substitutions, we retrieved some rhythm in the second half, and the opponent’s relative rhythm slowed down. In the second half, we played more calmly and the opportunity to attack was more.

The players who changed it well implemented the intention well, and through some efforts, we pulled the score back.Very difficult game, thank you.The Cangzhou male lion team and the first round are not a team at all. Its ranking should not be a reflection of its true strength.

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