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Xiao Guanyi, a referee of the referee of the referee, is the coach of the national team

On October 20, the Ninth China Steel Pipe Dance Championship was held at the Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theater. This year’s championship was authorized by the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation and hosted by the rod culture. As the highest hall of Atletico Steel Pipe Dance, it is also the only platform for the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation to understand Chinese steel pipe dance. It has attracted the national first -class players to gather together, competing in the same field, and bring a visual feast of strength and beauty.

Xiao Guanyi, a member of the referee committee of the fate rod competition, head coach of the rod college blanket skills, and the coach of the steel pipe dance national team. , Teacher Xiao Guanyi’s 20 -year single and double climbing performance experience, which is perfectly consistent with the steel pipe dance; has visited the state visits of Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and other countries, and was hired as it in 2021 as it Members of the Ninth China Steel Pipe Dance Championships, as a referee.

With the gradual development of steel pipe dance and air dance performance, the use of blanket skills in the arrangement of works has become the norm. Dancers from skills and ground dance are the perfectly presenting skeleton of natural connection of air skills. Flooring skills have become steel pipe dance and empty dance, indispensable elements, and are supporting the improvement of the comprehensive ability of empty dancers.


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