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Wuhan Three Towns to hold the Super League Champions Cup 3 -year 3 -year Creation of the Three Town Miracles

On the afternoon of December 31st, Beijing time, 2022 China Ping An China Football Association Super League Awards ceremony was held at Wuhan Sports Center Stadium.The three town teams in Wuhan, who won the championship, welcomed the testimony of tens of thousands of hometown father and fans, and won the 2022 Super League championship trophy.

Wuhan Three Town is not only the second Kaisus Lawunen miracle after Guangzhou Evergrande, but also created the miracles of the three towns.Because from 2020 to 2022, the Wuhan Three Town team won the China B, China A and the Super League championship within three years.Three years of three championships, for any football club, this is a great record.

In 2023, Wuhan Three Town will participate in the AFC Champions League as a new force on behalf of the new forces, and they will definitely bring the spirit of Wuhan people to the AFC Champions League.

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  1. [Haha]

  2. Okay, you can start and wait for you to complain.Cute

  3. It should not be as good as Hou B!

  4. Wuhan slandered the Super League and the Football Association. The other 15 teams of the Football Association and the Chinese Super League can sue Wuhan together and ask for compensation.

  5. I hope not to be a flash of flames, build a century -old club, and congratulate Wuhan three towns

  6. The cow is very good, let it represent the national team, watch it cow [Haha]

  7. Watch TV with Li Tie!

  8. Explain the failure of Chinese football

  9. Reply
    GoodXingxingHeartSeaWide 1月 1, 2023 at 2:39 上午

    [Squeeze Eye] It is really worthy of being a “hero” city [Haha]

  10. People are Kaizeri, China is not

  11. Another decades of decades of relegation.IntersectionThe first double crown city in Chinese football!Intersection

  12. Winning 3 crowns is worth celebrating

  13. The 3 -year epidemic seizing 3 crowns is worth celebrating

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