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Wu Xi: Argentina has the strength to defeat the championship.

On November 22, after Qatar World Cup, after Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina 2-1, Shanghai Shenhua Midfield Wu Xi talked about his own view in social media. He said that Argentina still has the strength to win the championship, which is also his hope.

Wu Xi said in the video connection: “I think they (Argentina) have the strength to win the championship, which is also my hope. They have been unbeaten 36 before, which also shows that they have cohesion under the leadership of the coach to complete the long -termThe goal, Argentina’s defeat is not necessarily a bad thing for them. They will make themselves nervous and consider how to face the opponents behind. If they really really enter the finals, this is also their experience. “

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  1. The charm of the SZ.

  2. The winning or losing is based on past experience, not today!

  3. Sea Cucumber Team! Wu hid [Yun Bei]

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    Drinkteaunderthemoongyyg 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    is your quality.

  5. Reply
    FourSpiritDecisionOrientalStars 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    Are you also qualified to comment on the ball?

  6. The Chinese team also has the strength to win the championship, as long as they can go in.

  7. Wu &, you eat, you know a ball.

  8. China ’s losing Vietnam is not necessarily a bad thing

  9. Personal strength is very strong, but their play is very primitive, and the level of head coaches is too poor. Looking at the head coach of Saudi Arabia, the spirit he injected to the team is different. Saudi Arabia is not like before, a new feeling.

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    Oldaccountingthatisnotmath 23 11 月, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    It means to hide the ball wrong!

  11. Let myself understand first, care for [face]

  12. Eat too much in sea cucumber: 1. Losing is not necessarily a bad thing, or there is still a championship. 2. If the last game is won, you can still qualify. 3. In the last few minutes, we must fight for honor.

  13. Change is a good thing [Cool]

  14. You know a little.

  15. Kick it well, what is the World Cup and what does it have to do with you?

  16. You are Mexico as dry food

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