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Wu Wei, a referee from the China Steel Pipe Dance Championship, has trained a number of outstanding players

On October 20, the Ninth China Steel Pipe Dance Championship was held at the Tianjin Jinwan Grand Theater. This year’s championship was authorized by the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation and hosted by the rod culture.As the highest hall of competitive steel pipe dance in China, it is also the only platform for the World Steel Pipe Dance Federation to understand Chinese steel pipe dance, which has attracted first -class players in the country to gather together to compete in the same field, bringing a visual feast of strength and beauty; inviting top domestic steel pipe dance danceThe person is the judge.

Wu Wei is the head of Xuzhou Weiwei Sky Dance Academy. Based on Xuzhou to promote the development of air dance culture, he was hired as a member of the Ninth China Steel Tube Dance Championships in 2021 as a referee.

Teacher Wu Wei is a well -known domestic coach. He cultivates a number of outstanding players. He leads the team to participate in the fate competition every year. In 2021, he will be a member of the Judgment Committee of the China Steel Tube Dance Championships in the Ring Ring.Essence


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