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Wu Lei week: Target experience different football is the meaning of pursuit

I have n’t updated the weekly memo for a long time. Taking advantage of the isolation, I have seen everyone ’s message during this time. I have seen all the encouragement and urging. It’ s rare to have such a relaxed time. The heart records the recent mood.

Looking back at the top 12 of the past, the process of the middle experience is really a wave of discounts. I deeply remembered that when I took a flight back to Shanghai to fly back to Shanghai, the moment I was closed, I deeply relieved, and told myself that good things were grinding. So when I learned that the team needs to go to the UAE to continue the game, I can face it calmly.

Facing various changes in the past two years, I want to have been practicing this kind of place for me. No matter the external environment changes, all we can do is to make ourselves stronger. What’s more, we have a professional and powerful staff guarantee team to go to the UAE, so that I can really experience the strong backing of the scene. Of course, football itself is to face and defeat all unknown factors, including we will also prepare for the top 12 in the next top 12. I think we will be more calm.

The scenery outside the Suzhou Hotel room

Speaking of which may happen, compared with the summer of the previous year, two years ago, the team played high in the second half of the schedule and entered the UEFA Cup. The team has won huge honors. Perhaps it is such a coincidence that they return to China with good memories twice, and can achieve the team that makes the team satisfied. Now I will be happy in the heart.

I have experienced things in the past two years, and I am fortunate to have decided to go out. Otherwise, it is impossible to experience the ambitions of the European War and the loss of sorrow after the league downgrade, and the goals and injuries in Barcelona are repeatedly perseverance. Fortunately, we returned to La Liga again. Fortunately, we also advanced to the top 12. Fortunately, my persistence has the meaning of existence.

My goal has always been to experience a different football world. This year and a half of competition I understand that each stage has the goals and pursuit at that time. When you persist, you will have different feelings and growth. It is the meaning I pursue.

When I first started to prepare a complete season two years ago, I received an invitation from the producer of “My Time and Me” to participate in the character documentary in the second season. Making a video record is actually the same as Zhou Ji. The last time the filming team came to Spain to shoot exactly the time I entered the Barcelona ball, it happened all records. I remember that after that game was the first break in that season. Playground. After that, the story behind the epidemic did not continue, but this is the most authentic record in the early days of my abroad. I hope everyone can recall this special experience with me.

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