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Wu Lei: The World Cup is best optimistic about Brazil and Spain

The Qatar World Cup is about to open. In an interview, Wu Lei said that he is optimistic about Brazil and Spain.

Looking forward to this World Cup’s optimistic team, saying: “One is Brazil, I have liked the Brazilian team since I was a child. The earliest watching the World Cup is also Daluo, and my first idol. It was the Brazilian team at that time.”

“The other is Spain. I feel a lot in Spain these days, and I have more understanding of Spanish football, so I will pay special attention.”

Wu Lei continued: “The Brazilian lineup is too luxurious, especially the midfielder, so it is relatively strong in terms of overall strength. Spain is more concerned about several young players in the team, I hope they can have a good performance.”

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  1. There is no play in Spain

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    Thechampionshipisgoingcrazy 11月 21, 2022 at 2:31 上午

    Belly is not an ordinary level. It can be learned by people. It is the most useful championship with Harbor.Being able to lead the team to win a real champion is king.Essence[Haha]

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    codebarrelwantstobecrazy 11月 21, 2022 at 2:31 上午

    There are only good parts of optimistic

  4. The Spanish group of the Erik Building, the Spanish group directly home

  5. From the perspective of the experience of the competition and the age structure of the players, I am also more optimistic about Brazil and Spain.farther.

  6. Foot Cai is better to guess due to the participation of the Asian team. Basically, it will ensure that it is defeated. The Japanese are the only possibility of bursting. Several reasons, the slow heat of the Germans, and the speed of the GermansToo slow, turning too slowly, their play is more suitable for the Japanese team. In addition, many Japanese players know them very well in Germany.I am sure that the Japanese team will basically burst. The football lottery I bought is 10, and it is a separate 0. I feel a bit adventurous. After all, the German defense is very good.

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