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Wu Lei: The first round and results of the Spanish group stage are completely expected

On November 24, in the first round of the World Cup, Spain won Costa Rica 7-0.Wu Lei said in an interview that the Spanish team’s performance was not surprising.

Wu Lei said: “It fully exerted the characteristics of the Spanish team, and it was difficult for Costa Rica to take the ball. It was difficult to grab it. The score did not expect to play so much, but the process and results were completely expected.”

“It is not surprising that there is such a performance. In the La Liga, they also fully exert their own characteristics in such a rhythm. Look at their kicks and understanding of football.age.”

Wu Lei continued: “Seeing the next knockout match, can you resist the stronger team. By the next World Cup, they will have a greater opportunity at a better age.”

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  1. Two hundred Wu was not selected into the Spanish team, but unfortunately

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    The presence of the brush?

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