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Wu Jingui: Young players played beyond expectations to let them enter a team team

On January 4, Beijing time, the first round of the FA Cup Cup final, Shanghai Shenhua 5-1 Cangzhou male lion.After the game, the head coach of the Shanghai Shenhua team Wu Jingui attended the press conference.

Wu Jingui said: “I am very glad that the players have played their own level and played their skills. The spirit of young players dares to win, and at the same time, they have done well in emotional control and tactical understanding, especially in 2001. Several teenagers played out in 2001 to play out.The football we want. Each team encountered the problem of incomplete lineups, and the opponent was very tenacious. I hope the team will treat each game as always, actively treat the training competition and life, and be a winner. This is the first.In a game, I haven’t scored so much for a long time. I hope they will not be afraid of strong players and continue to play. “

“After the team encountered difficulties, some players were adjusted from the echelon. Their performances exceeded our expectations. Fernando and Qilong, as well as in the back, can generally meet the requirements of the first team. I hope they train training.The competition should still boldly play the level of technical and tactical. In the case of not so high grade requirements, I believe they will enter the first team to give them the opportunity to exercise and grow. “

“We have not scored so many goals for a long time. Although the opponent’s lineup is not tidy, we have the same. We have been asking that we have to move forward at the beginning of last year to impact the opponent’s penalty area.Inserting to the penalty area is a great threat to the opponent. I did not expect to enter so much, but this is a required tactic. “

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  1. Shenhua must be cut into messy knives, and put on some young teenagers.

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    Mobileusers2903242175 1月 5, 2023 at 2:35 上午

    After watching the live broadcast, these Shenhua players are obviously better than the front -line players, and they have a high success rate.Who did these players lead the team before?

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