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Wu Jingui: Three weeks ago, Shenhua began to protect Bassor’s fear of being injured

According to the Oriental Sports Daily, Shanghai Shenhua coach Wu Jingui recently revealed that Shenhua began to protect Bassogo about three weeks ago when he participated in a football show to prevent him from being injured and missed the World Cup.

Wu Jingui said: “I told Bassor, although they were in a group with Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia, how about it? It turned out that Martinez, who played in Shenhua, scored two goals in the World Cup. Why do you? Can’t? “

“Since Basego returns to Shenhua in April, the club has been communicating with him, especially because of the epidemic during that time, knowing that he is hard to come back, so people have specially arranged people to buy a ticket to help him return to back to return to return to back. Shanghai. After coming, we also communicated with him. He said that he wanted to play the World Cup very much. We expressed their understanding and support. I told him that he had to train with peace of mind and competition. As long as he had a good in the Chinese Super League Express, their national team will definitely see. “

Wu Jingui continued: “This time, we actually started protecting him three weeks ago. Do not arrange for him to play for each game for too long, not too much intens Early the list of national teams, everyone can rest assured. “

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