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Wu Jingui: The Football Association Cup Shenhua has tuned 7 players from the echelon

On the afternoon of January 3rd, the fourth round (1/4 final) of Yanjing Beer 2022 China Football Association Cup was held in Suzhou, the head coach of the Shanghai Shenhua team, Wu Jingui, the head coach of the Shanghai Shenhua team.Attack the press conference together.

Speaking of the lineup of tomorrow, Wu Jingui said: “After the team finished the league in Haikou, we did some training after returning to Shanghai, and it was also affected by some infection.Play tomorrow’s game and give you a wonderful game. At present, only 11 people are familiar with the team lineup, of which Zhu Chenjie, Eddie, Jiang Shenglong, He Longhai, Zhou Junchen and others are still in the team.Seven players of the echelon, including a 2005 goalkeeper. “

Speaking of the recent progress of the team’s stock reform, Wu Jingui said: “The team’s stock reform work is currently being promoted in an orderly manner. The player’s mentality is currently adjusted well. Generally speaking, the situation is very good and is beneficial to the team.”

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