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Wu Jingui: The 2022 season is not easy to thank the players to work hard to work hard

On the afternoon of December 30, the 34th round of the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season fought the final battle, and the Shanghai Shenhua team defeated the Shenzhen team 2-0.After the game, the head coach of the Shanghai Shenhua team Wu Jingui attended the press conference.

During the review of this game, the coach Wu Jingui, the Shanghai Shenhua team, said: “In this game, the players went all out to play a good -looking football.Go all to fight, so thank the players for their efforts. They treat every game with a very good attitude and mental state. “

When summing up the whole season, Wu Jingui said: “This year is very difficult. Thank you for the organization and reception of several regions. Every time we go to the area, whether it is the training venue or the competition, everyone is doing their best to serve the team.At the last moment this year, I wish everyone good health, work smoothly, and happy family in the new year. “

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